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Access & Liaison Coordinator
Triangle Generation Humanitaire

Triangle Génération Humanitaire is an International Solidarity Organisation born in 1994 from the desire to develop a cross-disciplinary and sustainable expertise. TGH integrates emergency relief, rehabilitation and development in its programmes within a comprehensive approach, using an environmental approach wherever possible.
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 Net Salary: 1265 USD
 Under the hierarchical management: Country Director
 Supervisor: Country Director / Head of Logistics
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 29 July 2021



The employee engages himself to:

  • Respect TGH’s Charter and internal regulations
  • Respect his contract and Job description\
  • Respect  Put in place TGH rules raised by TGH  focal point.   


This job description will be regularly reviewed. Only a common and joint agreement between the employee and the employer could lead to a modification of this it.




The Access & Liaison Coordinator collects security and access information relevant for the safety of TGH’s operations in Sudan.  He/She maintains good relations with UNDSS and other authorities in Sudan and in its states. He/She also participates to security assessment at the request of the Country Director or Head of Logistics.  The Access and Liaison Coordinator supports the CD by collecting incident reports and context information from the Field teams, and external stakeholders, to contribute to the access and context analysis of the mission.  There are also some administrative tasks attached to the position. 


Based in Khartoum, under the direct responsibility of the Country Director, you will be responsible for:


  • Obtaining :Registration, visas, exit authorizations, temporary residence, work permits etc.;
  • Obtaining travel authorizations from HAC for all Expatriate staff;
  • Assisting the CD in establishing contacts with local authorities as necessary
  • Providing precise information and relevant contextual analysis to ensure the organization can operate safely in the targeted areas;
  • Reporting regularly to line-manager.
  • Following-up to ensure the timely renewal of all above documents and procedures.

 Duties and responsibilities:


  • Responsibility 1: Collect access and context information & provide relevant analysis to TGH teams
  • Responsibility 2: Internal safety and Security monitoring & communication
  • Responsibility 3: Reporting
  • Responsibility 4: Liaison & Administrative procedures
  • Responsibility 5: Security plan





Responsibility 1: Collect access and context information & provide relevant analysis to TGH teams


  • Performs regular visits to the villages and cities where TGH works in Sudan to conduct risk assessment and to monitor any changes
  • Conducts security assessments of all TGH operational working and program areas and premises as required
  • Conducts security assessments in new areas upon CD request
  • Provides to CD with contact information of main stakeholders, who support access
  • Uses available information sources (authorities, media, social media, community leaders, other INGOs) to monitor the security situation and the conflicts in TGH operations areas
  • Monitors daily and weekly incidents in the operating areas in order to identify areas of increased risk to TGH teams or current security trends, in coordination with Field Coordinators and Country Director & maintains incident database
  • Establishes an overall understanding of TGH operations in the areas so that all analysis is relevant to TGH operations
  • Maintains the current database of access and context assessments and provides specific recommendations to the Country Director based on these assessments
  • Attends any security meeting at the national level (UN, INGO, INSO, etc.), when requested by the Country Director.

Responsibility 2: Internal safety and security monitoring & communication


  • Maintains the communication channel with TGH staff in the field to check they are safe at all times (e.g. support movement tracking that is monitored from KRT, SMS tracking where needed, and overall monitoring and support to movements)
  • Participate in monitoring car movements between TGH bases and in the field with log department
  • Ensures TGH staff is always updated on security situation in the operational areas – by e-mail, SMS or other existed communication system, either directly or through Field Coordinators/Head of Logistics/Country Director, as agreed and appropriate.
  • Monitors and supports HoL/ FieldCo to ensure all TGH bases & vehicles are secure and well equipped with the necessary security measures.
  • Provides security briefing to all TGH staff
  • Organizes regular meetings to brief all departments about the security situation in each area they work every day, as needed and in coordination/collaboration with the Field Coordinators/Head of Logistics/Country Director.
  • Organizes regular training to drivers and guards


Responsibility 3: Reporting


  • Reports regularly to CD with day to day security matters/incidents affecting TGH staff or operations
  • Provides weekly and monthly reporting on contextual analysis (based on weekly Field Co reports, as well as external information sources);
  • Provides a written report after each field  assessment mission including findings, recommendations and contacts


Responsibility 4: Liaison & Administrative procedures


  • Obtains as needed access letters to facilitate TGH staff and vehicles movements in Sudan in TGH area of operation and for new locations
  • Maintains current access permissions for the operational areas, and able to ease the process of access new locations, for staff and vehicles
  • Obtain all official permits, authorizations and other related documents needed at Khartoum level for TGH operations in Sudan; (Registration ,Technical agreements, reports,...etc)
  • Obtain visas, exit authorizations, temporary residence, work permits etc.;
  • Obtain travel authorizations from HAC for all staff as needed
  • Support CD to establish contact with local authorities, including HAC at national level
  • Support logistics team as needed to ensure proper processes are followed with relevant authorities


Responsibility 5: Security plan


  • Assists the CD for the local security plans
  • Assists the CD with ensuring the rules, regulations and SOPs of the local Security plan are adhered to by all TGH staff
  • Monitors adherence to security rules, the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the Contingency Plans (CPs)


The list above is not strictly definitive; an employee working within the framework of these tasks may carry out other tasks if asked to do so by his/her line manager


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Knowledge, skills and personal features required

  • Bsc Degree in relevant field.
  • Master Degree will be an asset
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience working in similar position.
  • High level spoken and written English
  • Ability for translation between English and Arabic
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel ,Outlook, Internet)
  • Problem-solving and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work in respectful manner in all communities
  • Proactive, sense of initiative
  • Personal features: diplomatic, moderate, flexible, honest, motivated.



Those who are interested in the position are requested to submit application letter, CV, and copies of Academic/experience qualifications to TGH Office, street 37 Amarat Khartoum, Plot No.16 block No 10, or hand delivered to HAC labour office or through e mail address, recruitment.soudan@trianglegh.org

or through Sudan Job.

Net Salary for this position is 1265 USD


Opening date from to 06 July  2021 to 29 July 2021

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