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Frequently Asked Questions:

1How to register on Sudanjob?
Go to new register on home page or click on
††1- Fill the member profile.
††2- Click SUBMIT. Now, you have an account on our website.
††3- An email will be sent to you automatically after your registration, make sure the email not in the spam folder
2What we do?
We are looking forward to simplify the recruitment processes in Sudan to make it transparent and fair.
3Did Sudanjob do the recruitment?
No, we only links job seekers and employers to find each other, posting jobs.
All recruitment processes applied by employers HR departments.
4Why I feel a delay on respond to my application for a job?
All Jobs on posted by employers HR Unit. They do the recruitments as well, if you feel any delay please be more patient, some companies do the recruitment in a week; some of them do it in two months.
5Can I upload my CV?
No, you canít. The website gives you a fantastic way to make your CV online, which make it easy to apply for any number of jobs opened on Sudanjob with a single click.
It will take a few minutes to make it at the first time, but you will not need to repeat this step again.
6Is there a limit for making online CV?
You can do 3 different CVs on your account.
But notice: If you want to make a resume with the same data on you resent CV, all you have to do is just a few changes:
Go to My CVs
Click on Duplicate
This action will make another copy for your CV and then you can just edit it with your new changes.
7How to apply?
1- Login with your account
2- Find the appropriate job for you from the list and click on the Job title.
3- After reading the requirement and duties of the job, clicks APPLY at the bottom of the page.
4- Choose your CV which you want to apply with and click SUBMIT.
8What does VIEW MY CV do?
This service designed for the job seeker who wants to share their CVs with pepole they like, through this link
9How can I use VIEW MY CV?
You can invite any one from any where to review your CV by giving him or her CV access information which should be created by only you in your member account.

To Set External Access to Your CV:
1- Sign in with your account.
2- Go to My CVs in the top menu
3- Go to the CV you want to share and click on Set Access
4- You will see the CV Number, now insert the password, confirm and click on [Submit]
5-Now you can share the CV number and the password with any one to access your CV through [View CV] on Sudanjob top menu

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