Staff Safety and Security Assistant
Catholic Relief Services

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 Gross Salary: 511 USD
 Section/Unit: Safety and Security
 Grade Level: 4
 Supervisor: Head of office -WD
 Duty Station: Sudan, Geneina, West Darfur
 Closing Date: 28 Jan 2021


Please submit copy of CV and certificates to HAC El Genenina and also note that all the recruitment process will be doneat CRS-West Darfur EL Geneina Office.


The Safety and Security assistant is responsible for providing support in staff safety & security to all CRS departments and field bases in WD, for maintaining security standards established by the CRS Global Security Department, providing security-related training to CRS Darfur personnel, and continually assessing local threat conditions, implementing enhanced security protocols when warranted. The SFP reports to the HoO and the Security Manager in Khartoum and collaborates with program counterparts in furtherance of program objectives.


 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Serve as a security focal point for CRS in WD;
  • Advice the HoO on all matters related but not limited to staff safety management, planning and implementation, staff and site security protocols and procedures;
  • Coordinate with Security Manager to prepare and/or update security and contingency plans for WD fieldOffices and ensure that all staff members are aware of these plans.
  • Ensure that safety measures are put in place and safety tools and equipment’s are provided in all CRS facilities in WD (Offices, Guest Houses and Warehouses).
  • Ensure that safety tools are provided, and safety measures are applied in all rented / used vehicles by CRS in WD.
  • Brief (on regular basis) the rented vehicles owners and drivers on road vehicle and road safety measures.
  • Ensure proper security measures are put in place in all CRS facilities.
  • Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively disseminate safety and security information and updates of the security situation to CRS staff & Visitors.
  • In coordination with Security Manager, follow up and ensure the implementation of the CRS Global Security policies and workbook manuals, including the Security Management Plan and Minimum Operating Standards for Security in Darfur;
  • Assist Security Manager in updating risk assessment and maintaining appropriate Security Management Plan in WD
  • Conduct regular security field inspection and site assessments to assess security environments, report on findings, design and implement necessary improvements;
  • Assist and provide expertise to Darfur-based departments on security risk assessment and analysis for future projects;
  • Lead the WD regular review (with the participation of staff) of the CRS Sudan Field Security Plan and SOPs. Provide detailed recommendations for updates as needed;
  • Assist Security Manager in holding safety and security drills (phone tree drills, fire drills, evacuation drills, first aid drills etc.) as necessary, at the frequency outlined in the Field Plan.
  • Orient new staff, interns, fellows, volunteers and other visitors on safety and security issues related to the office and the project areas, to include arrival briefings;
  • Review the safety of staff movement within Darfur states and clear staff movements,
  • Monitor the movement of the travelers during the field visits and regularly check in on them during their field trips.
  • Liaise with administration and logistics: vehicle movement and facility safety and security, ensure established standards and procedures are followed.
  • Gather staff safety related information from different sources (communities, UN, Governmental and NGO sources, etc) and inform the Head of Offices and Security Manager of changes impacting CRS’ security on a timely basis;
  • Liaise with partners, INGO, UN, government, and community leaders in the process of gathering and verifying safety and security information on a regular basis.
  • Prepare incident reports, maps and analysis capacity through simple means for CRS staff in WD &CDDarfur states and field level.
  • Coordinate post-incident follow up actions, analysis and recommendations
  • Ensure all CRS staff understand and comply with incident reporting requirements and procedures. Follow-up as necessary re: issues related to reported incidents.
  • In coordination with Security Manager, offer incident warning by mapping and visualizing the geographical areas affected – or likely to be affected - by conflict, violence and crime, and capitulate useful information and insights into patterns and potential developments that might not emerge so clearly from a written report.
  • Submit a security update (to include situational analysis, actions taken, and actions recommended) to HoO and Security Manager on a regular basis.
  • Facilitate, provide support and train in the proper use of common communications including HF and VHF radio networks and satellite phones according to radio protocols and other communications technologies
  • Assess communication needs and recommend improvements to make sure that all equipmentare working and in good conditions such as the generator, radio handsets, satellite phones, etc.
  • Ensure CRS security services provider is complying with contract terms and conditions
  • Follow up on the performance and attendance of security guards in all WD facilities and provide weekly report on that.
  • Provide a documented monthly report on the Security services provider (Al- Hadaf) on their performance in securing CRS facilities.
  • Ensure security guards are trained on generators use and generator safety measures and ensure that generator safety measures checklist is put in place in all facilities.
  • Work closely with Staff Safety and Security Manager in Khartoum, consult with him on regular basis on security related issues and maintain a strong working relationship for smooth functioning of staff safety and security responsibilities.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • University degree in related field or relevant field experience;
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills;
  • 5years’ experience in the field of security with UN and/or INGO .
  • security management training or training of trainers a plus;
  • Previous experience in conflict and/or post conflict environments;
  • Competency and training experience in field-based communications systems such as Codan, ICOM, Barrett, Motorola and fixed and mobile satellite systems;
  • Computer proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other database/mapping systems;
  • Willingness to travel extensively in all CRS areas of operation in Darfur,
  • Work both independently and as a team member and possess strong interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent English oral and written communication skills;



Key Working Relationships:

  • Internal: Staff Safety and Security Manager in Khartoum, Area Managers, Administration & Logistics Manager, Travel & Transportation Officer, Head of Office
  • External: HAC, UNDSS, WFP, National Security Office, National Police Office, and locality Representatives.


Agency-wide Competencies (for all CRS Staff)

These are rooted in the mission, values, and principles of CRS and used by each staff member to fulfil his or her responsibilities and to achieve the desired results.

  • Serves with Integrity
  • Models Stewardship
  • Cultivates Constructive Relationships
  • Promotes Learning



DISCLAIMER: This Template is not intended to be an exhaustive Job Description for the named position. The purpose of this document is to list minimum and possible supplemental functions and requisite minimum standards. A full standard Job Description is to be developed under leadership.


CRS' talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.


Equal Opportunity Employer.


CRS requires its staff to treat all people with dignity and respect and to actively prevent harassment, abuse, exploitation, human trafficking everywhere and at all times. I, the applicant, accept these requirements as part of my job application.


 please note that all the recruitment processes will be done at CRS-West Darfur EL Geneina Office.

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