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Program Manager
 Supervisor: General Manager
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 24 Nov 2020


Summary about the JASAMR:

JASMAR has a rich legacy in Human Security since 2001. The involvement in various national and international partnerships was fruitful as JASMAR is currently working in many Human Security fields including Mine Action, Health, Refugees, Food Security, Child Protection, WASH Education and advocacy. The organization’s main office is in Khartoum and has sub-offices in Kassala, Blue Nile, White Nile, South Kordofan and Darfur. For more information see www.jasmar.net .


Scope of the job:

This TOR aims to describe the roles and responsibilities for Program Manager. He/she will mainly be responsible for the processes of planning, implementation, supervision of JASMAR’s program and liaise with the relevant donors, partners and governmental bodies. This includes development of plans, proposals, reporting, follow-up and M&E. He/She will also be responsible for the overall development of current partnerships and as well initiate new ones. He/she will be part of the top management working for the overall enhancement of JASMAR tools, processes and procedures, measure the progress and achievements of the set objectives. Hence, JASMAR seeks for a qualified result-oriented person, initiative maker and capable humanitarian worker.

 Duties and responsibilities:

Functional roles and responsibilities:

  • Supervision and management of the program team.
  • Key member of the top management team.
  • Key person in the overall program development in terms of standardized tools, processes and procedures.
  • Supervise and Support in measuring the results of the implemented projects and activities.
  • Initiate and support the process of technical proposals for the raised calls for proposals.
  • Close and supportive follow-up to project Officers at HQ and state level through regular communications, field visits.
  • Supervises the implementation of the ongoing projects with the projects’ managers and focal officers.
  • Monitor the implementation process and make the required corrective actions as appropriate.
  • Supervise and prepare quality progress reports for donors, partners and other stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Liaise with the donors, partners and other stakeholders. This liaison should aim at coordination, funding, capacity development and networking with likeminded institutions.
  • Ensure the application of efficient and effective measures for better project implementation and resources management.
  • Ensure the field staff members are fully aware about the project(s) objectives, budgets, activities and work plans and they are well engaged throughout.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring support to program officers,field officers/coordinators and other assistants.
  • Supervise and support the accountability and communication with the target communities.
  • Ensure the required technical documents including reports and its technical supporting documents are timely submitted.
  • Ensure the necessary technical documentation including copies of the agreements and reporting documents are well established and updated.
  • Ensure the sharing of the lessons learned, success/failure stories are well documented and shared to enhance the learning process within the organization and with the humanitarian/developmental community.
  • Responsible for editing the organizations’ annual performance report, monthly e-newsletter and other publications as required.
  • Participate in the relevant meetings with partners and stakeholders.
  • Close follow-up to pick the declared call for proposals.
  • Supervise the coordination withFinance Officers, procurement and logistics officers to ensure proper budgeting, forecasting and reporting.
  • Supervise the Monitoring and Evaluation process for the ongoing projects and its activities.
  • Accompany the visited delegates from donors, stakeholders to the field.
  • Ensure all JASMAR relevant projects are well documented on JASMAR project database.
  • Any other assignments by the management.


Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity;
  • Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment;
  • Self-development, initiative-taking;
  • As program team leader facilitate and enhance team work;
  • Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively;
  • Creating synergies through self-control;
  • Managing conflicts;
  • Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others. Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member;
  • Informed and transparent decision making.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • B.Sc. in one of the fields of social science or equivalent. M.Sc. is desirable
  • At least eight years of experience in INGOs or NNGOs with three years inprogram management.
  • Fluency in both Arabic and English languages.
  • Skilled in computer applications particularly MS. Office package is required. SPSS or other statistical software are desirable.


The following results should be achieved by the Program Office:

  • Effective partnerships.
  • Initiatives for program response improvement and new partnerships.
  • Quality planning including budgeting, effective and efficient implementation.
  • Control, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation including comprehensive analysis and measurement of the progress.
  • Ensure corrective actions are well introduced and implemented.
  • Throughout documentation including reporting and other project documents.
  • Learning process is integrated within and between the projects.

How to apply:

Send your CV together with the application letter through sudanjob.net

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