Logistics Supervisor
Triangle Generation Humanitaire

Triangle Génération Humanitaire is an International Solidarity Organisation born in 1994 from the desire to develop a cross-disciplinary and sustainable expertise. TGH integrates emergency relief, rehabilitation and development in its programmes within a comprehensive approach, using an environmental approach wherever possible.
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 Net Salary: 425 USD
 Supervisor: Field Coordinator
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Bindisi Central Darfur
 Closing Date: 28 Sept 2020


Job Title: Logistics Supervisor

Location: Bindisi’ – Central Darfur

Line Manager: Field Coordinator  

Technical Manager to: Logistics Coordinator

Line Manager for:  Watchmen, Cleaners/Cook, Logistic Technician/Driver

Works in collaboration with: Base manager Bindizi, Program team, Khartoum Coordination (HR/Administrative/Financial, Logistics and Program team)


 Duties and responsibilities:

S/he supervises logistics activities in Bindisi’ Area in full respect of TGH procedures, notably in following areas: procurement, equipment and stock follow-up, storage, transport, fleet management maintenance (vehicles and generators), information flow. S/he makes sure that information regarding logistics is transmitted accordingly.

A. HR management:

  • S/he is responsible of estimating number of daily workers when needed (ex: driver, watchmen, cleaner,cook)

B. Procurement:

  • Make sure that items asked are conform to a real need
  • Know and respect the purchase procedures
  • Check that purchase documents are filled properly.
  • Archive properly procurement files and make sure they are complete
  • Update the price list, the Purchase requests follow-up
  • Be responsible to manage his/her advances given for the purchases. Be able to justify advances management with proper purchase documents and invoices
  • Check quality of the items purchased by asking the advice of the user.

C. Transportation/Cargo:

  • Organize & follow the transports of goods, material, and pouch to other bases, inform the requester and make sure items reach the concerned base on time.
  • Prepare the waybills and send them to delivery bases
  • Organize and follow the reception of goods, material, pouch sent from other bases.
  • Put in place the handling operation to unload and store the goods in good condition.
  • Report any claims (damages, discrepancies/missing goods) at the delivery of goods if necessary, proceed accordingly to recommendations.

D. Stock management:

  • Responsible of the stock management.
  • Do physical inventory check on a monthly basis.
  • Estimate stock capacity according to purchase order that is done, estimate additional space for the shelves and pallets for future orders ensuring security of people and materials 
  • Follow-up expiry of stock items and act accordingly
  • Make sure that stock rooms-storeroom are well organized in proper place
  • Ensure that stock cards and stack cards are updated whenever some goods go out or in.
  • Update Excel follow-up tool accordingly

E. Assets:

  • Assist in the physical inventory of Assets.
  • Make sure assets are properly identified (tagged), followed, stored, used
  • Follow-up of out of order assets and any assets out of use.
  • Report to Logistics coordination any modifications about any assets

F. Maintenance:

Ensure that the compound (office, place of living, kitchen, latrine and store) is always kept in good condition and clean.

  • Regularly check the condition of the compound (inside and outside) and proceed to any rehabilitation, reparation when required.
  • Follow up all supplies of the base on a daily basis: water, electricity, drinking water, Internet, wastes disposal.
  • Follow up the good use of the equipments (generators, motor pumps, motorbike, computers…).
  • Plan and follow up cars and generators, equipment maintenance.
  • Forecast and purchase spare parts and all other materiel or tools related to the maintenance of the equipment and premises.

G. Fleet management:

  • Follow-up vehicles movement, ensure the good use of the logbook by Drivers, organize bookings and manage Drivers
  • Follow-up fuel consumption on a monthly basis of all motorized assets
  • Follow-up fleet maintenance and repairs
  • Follow-up refuelling of all motorized assets
  • Ensure Preventive maintenance and follow-up fuel consumption

H. In kind donations:

  • in case of in kind donation, make sure to get original documents from donor with costs of items indicated, report to Logistics coordinator

I. IT:

  • report to Logistics Coordinator any issues of IT devices of the base
  • follow-up antivirus expiry date

J. Capacity-building:

  • Participate actively in the training courses recommended by TGH, and share new skills and knowledge with his/ her team or colleagues
  • Inform his/her supervisor about identified training needs and training opportunities on his/ her job related matters
  • Co-operate in the supervision of partner organizations according to TGH partnership agreements

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • University degree in relevant field.
  • 2-3 years of experience in similar position.
  • INGO experience n the same field is added value
  • Arabic and English read, spoken, written
  • Strong knowledge of logistics and the supply chain management.
  • Basic knowledge of electricity and engines.
  • Know and to respect TGH purchasing rules and validation process.
  • Very good skills in computing (hardware & software-Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook)
  • Ability to manage good manual works
  • Mechanics skills
  • Very good organizational skill
  • Ability to manage a team
  • Ability to prioritise the tasks and delegate some
  • Experience with INGOs is an asset

Those who are interested in the position are requested to submit application letter, CV, and copies of Academic/experience qualifications through Sudan Job.

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