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The GIZ Office in Khartoum is looking for a qualified person to fill the following position:


 HR Pool/ Roster:
 Duty Station: looking for a qualified person to fill this position who can work at any duty station
 Closing Date: 31 Dec 2020



GIZ is looking for a qualified person to fill this position who can work at any duty station .


 Duties and responsibilities:

The Procurement Professional deals with the following responsibilities independently without the necessity of further guidance.

  1. Responsibilities

The procurement professional is responsible for

  • Identifying relevant problems and issues and assisting in formulating implementation-oriented solutions
  • Further developing instruments and assisting in introducing innovation and change
  • Managing knowledge by disseminating and documenting know-how, experience and information
  • Purchasing materials and equipment in accordance with GIZ rules and conditions
  • Purchasing of services (contracts with consultants and consulting firms)
  • Informing his supervisor on time about the status of procurement (goods and services) and customs matters as deputy, particularly in the event of delays
  • Maintains the inventory
  • Coordinating effectively with colleagues in the administration division
  • Dealing with all questions arising in this area


  1. Tasks
  1. Purchasing, procurement(of goods and services)

The procurement professional

  • In accordance with GIZ regulations and possibly in consultation with Head Office, assists with local procurement of materials and equipment, invitations to tender and order processing
  • Maintains data relevant for procurement and tenders in ProSoft and CoSoft
  • Assists with processing claims for damage to goods
  • Documents and files completed order transactions in reference files or in DMS in line with GIZs filing rules
  • Procurement of materials and equipment locally, monitoring markets, issuing invitations to tender and processing orders in accordance with GIZ regulations
  • Checking goods invoices, goods inwards receipts and other (delivery) papers and payment instruction
  • Arranging for the safe transfer of goods to their destination
  • Notifying projects and programmes of delivery location and time
  • Processing cases of damage in transport
  • Documenting and filing properly complete orders
  • Maintaining inventory and crosschecking stock inventory every two months
  • Maintaining of a data base of relevant companies related to procurement
  • Onsite visits to relevant companies related to procurement for assessment of the companies
  • Processing procurement contracts in accordance with GIZ regulations
  • Entering and maintaining data relevant for service contracts
  • Maintaining an updated local honorarium fee for consultants
  • Documenting and filing properly completed contracts
  • Notifying projects and programmes on the status of the contracts


  1. Administrative services

The procurement professional

  • informs GIZ staff in the country in question about customs issues relating to private goods and registration and insurance of private cars
  • informs and assists GIZ staff as regards outward journeys as part of the GIZ office’s service package


  1. General tasks

The procurement professional

  • uses external service providers to complete customs declarations procedures and vehicle registrations and supervises them
  • organises distribution of office funds and other office supplies
  1. Customs declarations as deputy

The procurement professional

  • prepares and submits all necessary papers for duty-free import of goods
  • monitors and controls deliveries by ship
  • monitors release of goods and further processing
  • organises and coordinates the collection of goods
  • enters information in the customs declaration database, prepares statistics if needed
  1. Vehicle registration as deputy

The procurement professional

  • organises initial registration, tax and insurance for project vehicles
  • forwards registration and insurance papers to the responsible project/programme staff
  • documents completed registrations and monitors the status of vehicle registration (official and private vehicles)
  • notifies responsible project or programme staff of the need for initial registration and insurance, and assists them in gathering the documents required, if necessary
  • processes accident insurance claims against local and German insurance companies in cooperation with Head Office


  1. Other duties/additional tasks

The procurement professional

  • performs other duties and tasks at the request of management

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:


  • At least BA in business administration, recognised commercial diploma in business administration, or similar degree


Professional experience

  • At least 3 years’ professional experience in a comparable position


Other knowledge, additional competences

  • outstanding knowledge of purchasing
  • very good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
  • very good knowledge of Arabic and English, ideally a knowledge of German
  • willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed –corresponding measures are agreed with management

  • If you are interested in the position, please submit your CV and Cover letter through and E-mail:
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contact for interviews

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