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State Affairs Officers
Federal ministry of health
 Vacancy No: 1/2020
 Section/Unit: Health Planning and Policy General Directorate - State Affairs Directorate
 Grade Level: NA
 Supervisor: State Affairs Director
 No. of Post: 13
 Duty Station: Khartoum with frequent visits to states
 Duration: 6 month with possibility of extension
 Closing Date: 26 Feb 2020


Towards Strengthening the Health System to improve the accessibility, efficiency, and responsiveness of health service delivery within the health sector at the states.

The Directorate of State Affaires recognizes that the development and implementation of an effective communications and coordination plan is important to achieve the buy-in of both internal and external stakeholders and to generate awareness of General Directorate activities to support achievement of expected outcomes. It is therefore imperative that the services of a State Affairs Officer be assigned to bolster the implementer team in the States and to complement the capacity of the Directorate of State Affaires to oversee and facilitate the implementation of the Health Planning and Policy General Directorate.


Objective of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is for the design and implementation of a communication and coordination strategy to inform personnel within the health sector (internal stakeholders), users of the Primary Health Care facilities and the wider public (external stakeholders) of project activities implemented within the framework of strengthening the health system and the activities of the General Directorate of Health Planning and Policy.

Scope of Services

The State Affairs Officer is required to undertake the following:

  • To develop within the framework of the directorate an internal and external communications and information strategy and carry out communications activities.
  • Be responsible for providing more community-based, evidence-based information with the real-time availability of high-quality information.
  • Be responsible for the day to day management and coordination activities related to the management of the visibility of the activity.
  • In particular, the Officers will work closely with the team of the General Directorate.

 Duties and responsibilities:

The specific responsibility and specific tasks of the State Affairs Officer are as follows:

  1. Review all present and past material generated by the Directorate.
  2. Assess the internal and external needs as will be required in the development of communication and coordination plan.
  3. Conduct and/or coordinate any other assignments related to knowledge management, promotion, communications, branding and outreach as may be required to effectively monitor and evaluate various communication tools and activities, to measure the impact on achieving the overall objectives.
  4. Organise and participate in communications activities and events including staff capacity building activities.
  5. Participate in relevant trainings and workshops; organise and facilitate trainings and workshops as necessary.
  6. Assist in tracking and effectively communicating the results and impact on activity interventions via web-based tools or any other means for effective reporting and demonstration of activity value impact.
  7. Prepare the annual plan of activities including target groups and expected outcomes.
  8. Advise and regularly report to the director, on implementation activities, program plans and recommend implementation strategies.
  9. Report and provide feedback to director on activities progress and challenges.
  10. Prepare quarterly reports including narrative, status, financial on progress of activities.
  11. Work with the relevant stakeholders and other government agencies in developing products for activity visibility and its outcomes.
  12. Accompanying field visits to target regions implementing the Results Based Management (RBM) Pilot to provide inputs and guidance to ensure visibility and update stakeholders on progress of the intervention.
  13. Ensure timely implementation and reporting of activities.
  14. Responsible for coordinating activities and ensuring the promotion of an integrated approach with other FMOH directorate and departments.
  15. Ensure regular staff supervision, field visits and action-oriented feedback for monitoring and evaluation, adherence to accountability procedures and documentation.
  16. Any other related duty as assigned.

Performance Assessment

The Terms of Reference, detailed work plan with agreed targets and Key performance Indicators (KPI) will be used as the basis to evaluate performance.

Outputs and Deliverables:

  • Monthly progress reports on the status, challenges, indicators, ongoing activities and the level of implementation of agreed deliverables.
  • Quarterly reports
  • Reports to meet the general and specific responsibilities of the assignment.

Note: if your performance (KPI) is less than 50% your contract will be canceled.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

•     Essential:  Advanced degree (Masters, MD) in Medicine and/or Public Health

•     At least 3 years of work experience in the field of managing and coordinating health programs

•     Demonstrated experience in effective oral and written communication including the development of communication products.

•     Sound policy understanding of the Ministry of Health and policies and programs is an asset.

•     Knowledge and experience of ICT-based Office applications and tools (word processing, spreadsheets, and data processing, PowerPoint)

•     Have a good understanding of project planning, coordination and implementation, and good analytical capacity

•     Ability to prioritize, organize, manage and adapt management style according to need.

•     Excellent communication and negotiation skills and ability to convene stakeholders and facilitate a policy process among UN, NGOs, national health authorities and donor

•     Excellent command of communication in Arabic and English

•     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and positive attitude



  • able to work both individually and within a team;
  • able to efficiently work in an output-oriented environment efficiently and deliver results;
  • ability to take initiative and work independently with limited supervision
  • ability to work within stringent timelines and be deadline driven
  • flexibility in learning and applying new approaches
  • Experience of working in health and social issues would be an asset.
  • Analytical capabilities and cognitive skills.

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