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Human Resources Manager
CARE International in Sudan

CARE Internationl is an organization driven by its mission to overcome poverty and social injustice. CARE International  in Sudan is part of CARE International, whose vision is to seek a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.  We are known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people. CARE and partners contribute to the empowerment of the most marginalized and vulnerable rural women and girls to exercise their rights.


Photo: Youth training session in Kass, South Darfur @CARE

 Vacancy No: 35
 Grade Level: H
 Supervisor: Country Director
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: country Office Port Sudan
 Duration: 1 Year
 Closing Date: 10 July 2024


The Manager-Human Resources of CARE International in Sudan, is responsible for assisting CARE management to provide quality HR services in the Country Office. The principal function of the position is to introduce effective and efficient systems, innovation, and absolute impartiality in all stages of HR processes and procedures especially in respect to Sudanese national employees.
The Manager-Human Resources is responsible for implementing and reviewing existing procedures, developing new or revised ways of handling HR management and development functions, and ensuring their proper implementation.  S/he works closely with sector, program, and department heads, and establishes appropriate linkages with the Sub/Field offices in order to ensure that the HR procedures meet their needs as clients. The incumbent works in collaboration with the Labor Office and Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) to ensure recruitment processes and HR policies are in compliance with the Country Law. The HR Manager Coordinates all national and international recruitment and ensures proper documentation of the process with assistance of HR team.
The position is also charged with overseeing the process of developing, implementing, modifying and disseminating a streamlined, up-to-date HR Manual, based on the most current country law and international norms, overseeing the management of HR information and communications, and ensuring staff welfare. 
Another important area of this position is to have an oversight on staff development initiatives in the organization and develop strategies for effective development and growth of staff members.
The Manager Human Resources reports to the Country Director, and is a member of the country office Senior Management Team. 
The position is also responsible for developing staffing processes that, over time, enable the CARE workforce to become truly diverse and gender-balanced. One key objective is to inform a wider spectrum of Sudanese professionals to consider CARE as future employer.

 Duties and responsibilities:

 1. Ensure smooth operation of HR functions and activities:-


a) Support and guide HR officers in carrying out day-to-day activities in a timely manner.
b) Handle grievances and investigation with confidentiality and appropriate action.
c) Ensure HR related issues such as staff placement, orientation, confirmation, leave, medical/maternity benefits, retrenchment, transfer, performance assessment, separations, etc. are handled in accordance with established policies and procedures.
d) Ensure timely and accurate staff payroll reporting to finance section and mandatory practice of PAR.
e) Prepare and monitor budget of HR department.
f) Build relationship and maintain contact with program and departments/units and sub/field offices and keep them informed on staff issues.
g) Oversee HR information management by continuous updating of employee database and smooth operation of HRIS system.


2. Develop and Implement appropriate recruitment system:-


a) Maintain an open, impartial and effective system for recruitment process through appropriate collaboration with Labor Office and HAC.
b) Organize, orient and guide recruitment panels in the process to ensure selection of the 'most deserving candidate'.
c) Coordinate recruitment process for international staff.   
d) Ensure new grading structure for all position is properly followed and balance in terms of gender and diversity in the hiring process .
e) Expand Country Office capacity to attract and retain talent.
f) Oversee the post-hiring processes, including discussions on salary and benefits, reference and anti-terrorism checks and other compliance issues. Ensure all documentation are in order.


 3. Ensure that the CO’s HR Manual is comprehensive and up-to-date, as well as balanced in representing staff vs. organizational interests:-


a) Ensure that the HR policies and procedures are in compliance with Country Law and International norms. Acquire an understanding on balancing interests of employees and organization and in alignment with organization's vision and mission.
b) Ensure that Organizational Structuring, Positions in Grades, Benefits and Compensations are clearly understood by staff and all HR decisions and practices are in compliance with the HR manual.
c) c) Coordinate the process of vetting the manual, seeking feedback from staff, making adjustments, obtaining SMT approval, and disseminating the final version across the organization.


 4. Coordinate Performance Management system:-


a) Ensure timely submission of annual appraisals, individual operating plans and mid-year reviews of staff.
b) Provide information to Finance on annual increment of staff.
c) Periodically review performance management system and pilot new innovative methods in performance development and appraisals.


5. Provide necessary support for planning and implementing staff development activities efficiently:-


a) Supervise coordination of staff development training plan and implementation of projects and departments. 
b) Coach and allocate resources for appropriate training of HR staff to develop their skill and competencies.
c) Ensure timely implementation of new staff orientation/induction.
d) Oversight on organizational initiatives for capacity strengthening of national staff.
e) Maintain contact with CARE academy and assist staff to avail possible learning opportunities.
f) Periodically assess and review CARE’s staff development policy and systems on the basis of feedback from staff and information on how other organizations handle staff development activities.


6. Ensure staff welfare and safeguard Organizational Interest:-


a) Administer and control the pay structure and system.
b) Ensure that compensation levels are competitive with market rates and recommend adjustments as appropriate through appropriate salary survey.
c) Assess the compensation package, and initiate periodic review and revision.
d) Evaluate staff turnover and recommend ways to keep it to a minimum.
e) Contribute to SMT deliberation and decision making with a strong focus on CARE's vision and mission.
f) Participate in Management decisions concerning all issues related to employee contracts, transitions, welfare, performance, disciplinary actions, separations, etc.
g) Administer the HR record-keeping system including leave reporting and other relevant documents for international staff.
h) Work closely with the Safety and Security Senior Manager and SMT to ensure that the welfare and both physical and mental health needs of staff are met Ensure that potential health risks are identified and pro-actively dealt with in a timely basis. Arrange for psychosocial support as possible and appropriate for staff and consultants. Act as focal point on SEA prevention and investigate any alleged incidences of SEA or other forms of abuse in CAREs program


7. Uphold CARE´s values and contribute to the CO shared priorities:-


a) Be aware of the CIS Safety and Security Management Plan (SSMP) and comply with it at all times

b) Be aware of CARE’s commitments to Gender and Diversity, and strive to uphold them

c) Be committed to promote CARE’s core values at all times


8.  Any other assignment:-


Performs any other assignment as required .

   * Authority:
- Implementation of approved HR manual
- Second level of problem solving. Incumbent will have a Manual for guidance but will need to have interpolative skills to pick and choose the right strategy to address a given problem.
- Providing guidance and clarification to staff regarding HR policy and procedures

   * Contacts and Key Relationships:

- Internally:  DCD-Program, DCD-Program Support, HR Officers, Head  of  projects  and  department , Regional Business Partner– Program  and HR  network members
- External: Labor Office- HAC, HR Managers  of INGOS , Legal Advisor.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Education: Undergraduate degree in Business Administration, or other relevant discipline; post graduate qualification an advantage, desired MBA with major in Human Resource Management.
Work experience:       Required 7-10 years in HR experience, with at least some international exposure, desired HR experience in Sudan or neighboring countries 
Language:   Fluency in Arabic and English languages.


*Technical Skills

• Facilitation
• Counseling
• Planning
• Client services
• Database operation
• Computer operations - word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.
• Partnership
• Communication
• Data analysis and management


* Working Conditions:

This position is based in Port Sudan Office and will require frequent travelling to other CIS Sub and Field Offices.

External candidates who are interested and meet the above requirements should submit their education and experience certificates, Cover letter & update CV to HAC Port Sudan Office - or sudanjobs.net before closing of business day, Wednesday, 10th, July 2024. 





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