Finance Officer
Sudanese Red Crescent Society
 Section/Unit: Finance Department
 Supervisor: Finance Director
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Port Sudan
 Duration: 12 months
 Closing Date: 27 June 2024


The Finance Officer role is to supervise and support accounting for the one side, and to support the NLRC (Country Manager and the Finance Delegate) in various administrative and financial matters on the other side under the supervision of SRCS Director of Finance. 

Based in Port Sudan he/she is SRCS finance officer responsible for supporting the NLRC funded projects reporting to:

            a) The Netherland Red Cross (NLRC) Country Manager for NLRC financial reporting and office support matters

            b) The SRCS Director of Finance for SRCS consolidated accounting.

  • Personally responsible for quality and timely accounting for the whole NLRC/SRCS Projects as per project agreement and SRCS and NLRC financial policies: paper accounting (vouchers, support documents), excel data-entry, consolidation of fields & capital journals, monthly closing process and documents.
  • Ensure compliance to both SRCS and NLRC guidelines, standards, policies, and procedures especially purchasing, validation, payment procedures. Ensure strict respect of deadlines, encoding rules, budget lines.
  • Technical reference for accounting: feedback, support, training, control of finance staff (accountants, assistants, cashiers) in the field
  • Production of consolidated financial documents: draft monthly budget follow-up + monthly cash request, participate to budget design and revision.
  • Be the focal person for communication between NLRC and SRCS regarding financial related issues. 

Monitor the implementation and adherence of finance regulations for all NLRC funded projects together with both SRCS in the various Sudanese states of operations and relevant people at SRCS headquarters.

 Duties and responsibilities:

 Duties and responsibilities:

Operational / Technical Responsibilities 


finance duties

  • Ensure confidentiality on all cash / finance issues related to SRCS and NLRC.
  • While he/she is SRCS staff, know perfectly, respect, and ensure strict compliance at any time with NLRC standards.
  1. SRCS financial guideline and standards for accounting quality (paper and Excel)
  2. Integration of NLRC and SRCS accounting quality
  3. Donors’ specific requirements, as per donor guidelines and Finance Manager instructions
  • Know perfectly, respect, and ensure strict compliance at any time with SRCS standards according to SRCS Financial Manual:
  1. SRCS chart of accounts
  2. SRCS financial guideline and standards for accounting quality (paper and electronic)
  3. Integration of NLRC and SRCS accounting systems
  4. SRCS purchasing / validation / payment procedures for the delegation.
  5. SRCS cash security rules (cash holding limits for safe and petty cash, security envelopes, cash movement, currency exchange, advances)
  6. National tax regulation and other legal requirements from the Sudan government if applicable

Cash safety 

and availability

  • Responsible for safety of cash during storage, and daily payment and transfer (in accordance with cash security rules), recommend improvements.
  • Ensure petty cash boxes are properly handled, cashbooks maintained, and a cash count performed regularly.
  • Monitor cash balance levels in capital, anticipate short-term needs and request relevant cash transfers or withdrawals to NLRC country representative to avoid any shortage.
  • Consolidate the cash requests from the field in coordination with all relevant persons (in field + capital), submit to NLRC country Manager for validation and take care of further in-house procedures.
  • Organize currency exchange transactions when needed, according to the country exchange policy.
  • Prepare transfers to the fields according to need, in a timely manner, and in accordance with cash security rules
Daily cash management
  • Ensure close and proper follow-up of all cash advances, in capital and on the field (extra-accounting)
  • Ensure proper understanding and use of all finance tools: cashbooks, advance books, cash inventories ((Financial system)), bank reconciliations, monthly cash request, etc.
  • Ensure payments to suppliers are performed in a strict but swift manner, in accordance with the SRCS purchasing and payment procedures. 
  • Ensure compliance with cash control procedures for each journal: cashbook updated at every single transaction IN/OUT, weekly cash count and reconciliation with accounting system together with and NLRC country manager, complete cash inventory performed and signed on last day of the month.
  • Ensure any cash discrepancy is investigated (and reported to SRCS Head of Finance and NLRC Country Manager)
Bank management
  • Prepare cheque payments, transfer requests and bank reconciliations for all bank accounts in capital, check all bank reconciliations from the field.
  • Ensure copies of checks / proof of transfer are always attached to voucher for payments from bank accountant.

Paper accounting


  • Develop relevant (or suggest improvements to existing) tools and forms to help finance staff record and follow-up recurrent costs in a proper and consistent manner (incentives, per diems, utilities, etc)
  • Responsible for quality of receipts / vouchers throughout the mission: check every single voucher from capital + field, ensure that all vouchers are in accordance with NLRC/SRCS standards (translated in a understandable way and readable)
  • Ensure vouchers are properly presented and stamped, include all relevant & required validation signatures, include attached any relevant and required support documents.
  • Report immediately any litigious / suspicious voucher / receipt / document to SRCS Head of Finance Projects section and NLRC Country Manager
  • Send personalized feedback to each relevant accountant/administrator in case vouchers are incomplete or invalid, request missing documents.




  • Perform extracts of expenses, provide relevant cost information, produce cost analysis upon request.
  • Help NLRC Country Manager prepare and check the draft initial and revised budgets for the projects.
  • Prepare monthly budget follow-up, fill & update relevant comments before submitting to the relevant persons (SRCS Branch and HQ, NLRC Delegation). Upon approval ensure distribution and share comments & analysis with all relevant persons involved.
  • Raise attention to significant budget variances and overspendings, recommend corrective measures for savings / improvements / reduction of fraud and financial risks


of technical

Finance staff

  • Actively support to project accountants based in the field.
  • Provide support to (answer questions, feedback) and maintain control (spot-checks, reminders, advice) over finance staff 
  • Perform relevant technical training for finance staff in capital or on the field (in particular assistants, officers and cashiers) for skills improvement in the area of accounting.
  • Perform field visits as per need and requests, write field visit reports.
  • Perform controls and ensure compliance by field accountant and work continuously for improvement throughout the Projects.
  • Immediately inform SRCS Head of Finance and NLRC Country Manager of any problem or issue arising in the course of the work
  • Main interlocutor and facilitator for project audits 
Office Support Tasks
  • Follow up with both SRCS Logistics and Finance Department on quotations and requisitions for project material to ensure timely availability of material. (Only check the documents after logistics finish all procedures).
  • Prepare Memos for the diverse administrative procedures (finances, logistics, administration, car fleet, etc.) in the house and deliver them to right people. Ensure follow up.
  • Support to NLRC Country Manager & Finance Delegate in various work matters that may arise


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:


Recruitment Criteria
Education:University degree in accounting, finance or business administration. 
Experience:         Minimum 4 years relevant experience, with demonstrated skills in effective compliance to procedures and control of expenses within international or non-governmental organization (NGO).



F/R – English            F/R – Arabic            

F – Fluent  |  R – Required 

Competencies:                           Familiar With Financial Tools and Management, Very at Ease With Numbers, Excellent Logic & Analytic Skills, Willingness To Acquire Skills In Budget Control / Monitoring Performance, Able To Identify And Report Risks And Problems, Organized And Able To Prioritize, Expert Knowledge Of Excel, Able To Train / Coach Finance Staff, Fast-Learner.
Personal qualities: Mature, good interpersonal skills, rigorous, detail-oriented, able to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment, autonomous, able to function in a loosely structured complex work environment, strong sense of personal integrity and good team player.


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