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Pharmacy Officer
Premiere Urgence Internationale

Première Urgence Internationale is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious international NGO. Première Urgence Internationale helps civilians who are marginalised or excluded as a result of natural disasters, war and economic collapse. Our mission is to defend basic human rights, such as those set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948



 Section/Unit: Program - Health & Nutrition
 Grade Level: Category B1
 Supervisor: Pharmacy Supervisor
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Port Sudan
 Duration: 6 months
 Closing Date: 23 May 2024


Under the direct supervision of the Pharmacy Supervisor, the Pharmacist/Pharmacy Officer is responsible for ensuring an efficient support to the Pharmacy Supervisor in the management of the central Pharmacy/warehouse in coordination, respecting the medical procedures established in the framework of the project, as well as PUI overall principles, in order to provide quality supply management to the bases and every field locations.


The Pharmacy Officer will have to ensure the general good functioning of the central PUI pharmacy and an adequate supply of quality medicines and medical equipment from the different bases of the project.

S/he must ensure the proper management of medicines (supply, storage, distribution, monitoring of stocks and consumption) for the entire mission, both at the level of the central pharmacy and at the level of the operational bases and health structures supported.

 Duties and responsibilities:

1. Data collection, consolidation and analysis 

  • S/he supervises the monthly data collection (inputs/outputs, inventory, consumption) from the bases and health centers and their entry into the Sagastock software/ Excel files.
  • S/he analyzes this data in order to optimize the management of drugs and medical equipment (needs estimation, control, supply, cold chain, expiration dates, surplus/out of stock, etc.).
  • He/she ensures the regular and appropriate use of management documents (stock sheets, delivery slips, computer tools etc.) by the pharmacy assistants at base level and at the level of the health centers supported.
  • He/she works in close collaboration with the medical team in order to verify, in relation to epidemiological data, the status of stocks and consumption and to evaluate the relevance of prescriptions.
  • He/she must provide in real time any reliable data of stock, consumption, use of drugs and health products for the project. 
  • He/she makes a backup, at least monthly, of all computer data (back up).



2. Supply Management 

  • S/he elaborates the orders in collaboration with the Health Coordinator and ensures the follow-up of the orders sent to the Health Coordinator (orders for the project and punctual additional orders) in collaboration with the logistics coordinator.
  • S/he supervises the delivery and reception of medical materials and consumables as well as the quality control of the medicines received.
  • S/he informs the logistics and medical departments in case of non-compliance.
  • S/he checks the conformity of the physical orders received against the expected theoretical quantities and informs the Health Coordinator (or his/her direct supervisor) in case of inconsistencies.
  • S/he supervises the preparation, distribution planning and routing of the needs of the supported health structures.
  • S/he participates in the preparation of donations/loans/exchanges with the Health Coordinator.
  • S/he informs in advance and collaborates with the logistics department for the organization of the transport of medicines.


3. Stock management

  • He/she controls the management of the central stock of medicines and medical consumables; in particular: stock movements both at the level of the Sagastock/excel computer database and physical movements, anticipation and management of expired products.
  • He/she carries out a monthly physical inventory and performs random checks. In the event of a discrepancy between the inventory and the theoretical stock, he/she investigates and informs his/her supervisor.
  • He/she is the guarantor of an appropriate (especially with regard to temperature, humidity, light and sanitary conditions), orderly (storage, classification, labeling) and secure (keys, access) storage according to PUI 
  • He/she ensures that the storage conditions are in accordance with national legislation, in particular for narcotic drugs and narcotics.
  • He/she controls the stock management of the health facilities' warehouses. 
  • He/she makes sure that the procedures and tools used in the health facilities supported are well understood and applied. 
  • He/she ensures that expired and/or damaged items are quarantined and that these items are effectively destroyed.
  • He/she ensures pharmacovigilance and in particular informs immediately of any problem related to the quality of a drug, in accordance with the PUI procedures for pharmaceutical management.



4. Staff supervision and technical support

  • He/she provides training and technical support to the pharmacy assistants at Base level and dispenser of the health facilities supported: stock management, rational use of drugs, substitution, critical analysis of consumption in the health facilities.
  • He/she provides technical support to pharmacy assistants at Base level and dispenser in the health facilities supported by PUI: implementation of tools, coaching, occasional training.
  • He/she reinforces the capacities of the teams of the health structures on the rational prescription of medicines in order to ensure an efficient use of medicines and medical consumables following consultation with the health coordinator.
  • He/she monitors the consumption of medicines and consumables and informs the pharmacist (headquarters) and the Health Coordinator.
  • He/she organizes field visits to ensure proper management of medicines at the level of the health structures supported.



5. Reporting / meeting

  • He/she writes a monthly activity report to be sent to the Health Coordinator and pharmacist (headquarters).
  • He/she participates in medical meetings at the bases during field trips.
  • He/she ensures the filing of documents and archives of the project.
  • He/she represents PUI in Health Cluster meetings, etc., as needed.
  • He/she edits and shares the monthly back up (Sagastock or pharmacy management tool) with the Health Coordinator and HQ pharmacist.
  • He/she updates and shares the annual PUI pharmacy activity plan.
  • He/she participates in the monitoring missions of the donor.
  • He/she contributes to the elaboration of donor reports specifically for drug-related information on the mission.


The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are not exhaustive and may evolve depending on the needs of the project. 

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Language skills:

  • Strong command in writing and editing documents in English and Arabic Proficient in Arabic, native language.


Education degree: 

  • At least a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy, minimum experience of 2 years 
  • Postgraduate or Master's degree desirable 


Work experience: 

  • At least 2 years of work experience in INGOs is preferable.


Knowledge and skills: 

  • Commitment to the NGO values and principles
  • Punctuality
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Management
  • Results
  • Teamwork
  • Service
  • Good health and physical condition
  • Diplomatic and open-minded
  • Rigour 
  • Honesty


Computer skills: 

  • Office Pack, especially Excel and Word, outlook 


  • Other: 
  • Good skills in reports and contract redaction
  • Knowledge of humanitarian actors 
  • Good management and pedagogical skills 
  • Excellent communication and diplomacy skills to manage relationships in potentially tense situations


  • Interests 
  • Good communication skills, diplomacy and solution-oriented attitude 
  • Curiosity and interest in the organization's activities
  • Good ability to manage deadlines in emergency response contexts (stress resilient)
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Adaptability, flexibility
  • Autonomy, sense of initiative and anticipation
  • Punctuality


  • Transversal skills: 
  • Ability to work independently while taking initiatives and showing a sense of responsibility
  • Ability to withstand pressure and volatile environment
  • Sense of diplomacy
  • Analytical skills
  • Capacity to adapt and organizational flexibility
  • Organization, rigor and ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to work and manage affairs professionally, and with maturity
  • Ability to represent the activities and mandate of PUI before local authorities
  • Ability to work with different partners in a spirit of openness, and with adaptable communications strategies

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