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Liaison & Programs Support Manager
Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians working together on the front lines of today’s biggest crises to create a future of possibility, where everyone can prosper.

Our mission: to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.



 Section/Unit: Operations
 Supervisor: Operations Director
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Based In Portsudan with frequent travel to the field offices & Operating areas
 Duration: TBD
 Closing Date: 05 Nov 2023


Mercy Corps (MC) Europe has been working in Sudan since 2009 with the goal of supporting the transition to a fair and lasting peace by implementing programs that promote long-term, sustainable development and contribute to secure, productive and just communities.

MC Europe is facilitating recovery by addressing economic recovery needs and laying the groundwork for long-term development. MC Europe’s work in Sudan has three major components: Civil Society Development, Economic Recovery and Development and Humanitarian Assistance with activities that span many sectors including agriculture, market and livelihoods development, water/sanitation, capacity building, peace building, infrastructure rehabilitation, emergency distribution. MC Europe is committed to long-term programming in Sudan and faces numerous opportunities for expansion.


Based in Port Sudan, the Liaison and Program Support (L&PS) Manager is responsible for liaising with the federal and state level government to ensure uninterrupted program operations and office work in each state in Sudan and appropriate and necessary support by the government is provided. The position is responsible for making sure that all necessary program and strategic documents are submitted to the government authorities and all permits are obtained in time. The Liaison and Program Support (L&PS) Manager is responsible for ensuring all the traveling permits and visas for international staff and visitors in a timely manner. The Liaison and Program Support (L&PS) Manager will coordinate with the Operations Director and the SMT members to ensure all its functions are smoothly facilitated and completed.

 Duties and responsibilities:



Government Liaison

  • Support the Director of Operations and the SMT for easy access to Federal and State level governments.
  • Participate and represent organization in the government-NGO bilateral or individual meetings.
  • Follow CD or SMT members when meeting with the government.
  • Produce weekly access report for Federal Level but also for each state separately.
  • Track and follow the Organization Registration in Sudan, ensure electronic tracking and hardcopy folder are always up to date.
  • Create and share with the SMT reporting requirements through Technical Agreements, MoUs or other government provisions by date. 
  • Ensure the copies of the electronic trackers and the clear scans are uploaded in the SD Teams Drive are uploaded and up to date. Ensure CD and the SMT have access. 


  • Place high value on inter-agency coordination in security; encourage Mercy Corps field level coordination in the NGO community. Seek opportunities for formal and informal cooperation. 
  • Develop a network of relationships with peers in the humanitarian community (UN, NGO, ICRC, appropriate governmental offices, etc). This will include identifying, analyzing and managing key relevant relationships in the country that will facilitate access for Mercy Corps Sudan programming.
  • Advise on visibility and communication approaches in line with applicable Mercy Corps global policies, procedures and good practice.
  • Develop and promote an active acceptance approach for Mercy Corps Sudan program.

Program Support

  • In coordination with the relevant Team Leader and the Program Manager, produce and submit the Technical Agreements and MoUs and or Extensions for the Technical Agreements and MoUs to the Federal Government Authorities and State Level Authorities 
  • Ensure that Technical Agreements and MoUs are drafted in favor of Beneficiary, Mercy Corps and Donor including governments requirements.
  • Keep electronic tracking up to date at any time for each Technical Agreement and MoU with all details related. 
  • Keep Hard Copy for each Technical Agreement and MoU approved or submitted for approval.
  • At least one month ahead, alert SMT and the Team Leader and Program Manager if the Technical Agreement or MoU is about to expire.
  • Pre / or during the first month of the New Program Start-up produce and submit the Technical Agreement or MoU to authorities for signatures and approval.
  • Travel to the field to work with the Team Leader and the Program Manager for drafting any Technical Agreement or MoU or their extensions.
  • Travel to the field and support the teams in liaison with the government authorities in particular when challenges arise for access, program implementation and staff recruitment.
  • Ensure the copies of the electronic trackers and the clear scans for the Technical Agreements and MoUs are uploaded in the appropriate Government Agreements Retention folder are uploaded and up to date for each Program Individually.
  • Produce and finalize the government reports required through the Technical Agreements and MoUs or any other government provision are in time and uploaded in the SD_Teams Drive.

Security Management:

  • Liaise as Security focal point for Sudan Mission
  • Liaise with the State Security Focal Point in reviewing the security situation
  • Produce and keep ownership of the Country and State Security Management Plan and Policies and manuals
  • Advice Country Director and SMT on the Security Trends and Security Threads and propose the mitigation measures
  • Participate in the government or NGO security forums and report back to the SMT
  • Maintain Individual electronic and hardcopy folder for each international with sensitive information (RED). The folder to be shared only with SMT
  • Develop the Country evacuation plan and submit to SMT for approval
  • Support CD to maintain the Country evacuation plan by liaison with the relevant authorities and INGOs
  • Liaise as focal point for the medical evacuation of the international staff
  • Monitor Security Development in each state where Mercy Corps is operating or plan to operate and report to SMT during the SMT regular meetings.
  • Contribute in the proposal writing by updating the security context for each proposal
  • Map each office location and International staff accommodation in Sudan including the GPS coordinates. Mapping to be shared with the SMT. 
  • Conduct security assessment for the offices and any international staff accommodations and provide report to Director of Operations and the SMT
  • Liaise the Security actions with the CD, SMT and the regional Security advisor
  • Contribute in any strategic document produced by the CD or SMT
  • Liaise with the relevant Police station or relevant Hospitals in terms of any insecurity or traffic or security incident involving Mercy Corps staff
  • Maintain Mapping for the relevant Hospitals in each state where Mercy Corps is operating or planning to operate in the future.
  • Be available 24/7 on the phone or email for any consultation or advice



Operational and HR Support

  • Share the visa requirement with any international staff recruited or visitors.
  • Ensure applications for incoming or exit visas are in time without delays. Follow Up every other day for the status.
  • Produce and keep up to date the electronic tracker for visa in country for long-term, STA or visitors.
  • Ensure application and Clearance of the customs for the program vehicles are in time. In case of challenges, immediately report to the SMT.
  • Produce and Maintain/Update continuously the Constant companion.
  • Facilitate in country long-term travel permits for all international staff with disregard of position and the function. 
  • Ensure Electronic Tracking for the tracking permits is always up to date.
  • Apply for the new Travel Permits as before or at the moment of expiry the old travel permits.
  • Support HR by liaising with the labor office for the challenges that may arise during recruitment.

Organizational Learning:

As part of our commitment to organizational learning and in support of our understanding that learning organizations are more effective, efficient and relevant to the communities they serve - we expect all team members to commit 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit MC Europe as well as themselves.

MC Europe team members are expected to support all efforts towards accountability, specifically to our beneficiaries and to international standards guiding international relief and development work, while actively engaging beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of our field projects.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Achieving our mission begins with how we build our team and work together. Through our commitment to enriching our organization with people of different origins, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of thinking, we are better able to leverage the collective power of our teams and solve the world’s most complex challenges. We strive for a culture of trust and respect, where everyone contributes their perspectives and authentic selves, reaches their potential as individuals and teams, and collaborates to do the best work of their lives.

We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a journey, and we are committed to learning, listening and evolving to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive than we are today. Fostering a diverse and open workplace is an important part of Mercy Corps’ vision. Mercy Corps is an Equal Opportunity Employer regardless of background. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Mercy Corps is an equal opportunity employer that does not tolerate discrimination on any basis. We actively seek out diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills so that we can be collectively stronger and have sustained global impact.

We are committed to providing an environment of respect and psychological safety where equal employment opportunities are available to all. We do not engage in or tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability (including HIV/AIDS status), marital status, military veteran status or any other protected group in the locations where we work.

Safeguarding & Ethics

Mercy Corps is committed to ensuring that all individuals we come into contact with through our work, whether team members, community members, program participants or others, are treated with respect and dignity. We are committed to the core principles regarding prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse laid out by the UN Secretary General and IASC and have signed on to the Interagency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme. We will not tolerate child abuse, sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment by or of our team members. As part of our commitment to a safe and inclusive work environment, team members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, respect local laws and customs, and to adhere to Mercy Corps Code of Conduct Policies and

values at all times. Team members are required to complete mandatory Code of Conduct elearning

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: Safety & Security officer, Liaison and Program Support Assistant/Officer 


REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Operations Director

WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Country Director, SMT members, Team Leaders, Program Managers, Program, Operations, Finance and HR departments 

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:


  • Four plus years of progressive administration management, Government Liaison, and Program Support experience are required.
  • BA or equivalent in  Administration or relevant field is required. An advanced degree is preferred.


  • Female Team members are highly encouraged to apply.

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