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Wash Officer
CARE International in Sudan

CARE Internationl is an organization driven by its mission to overcome poverty and social injustice. CARE International  in Sudan is part of CARE International, whose vision is to seek a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.  We are known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people. CARE and partners contribute to the empowerment of the most marginalized and vulnerable rural women and girls to exercise their rights.


Photo: Youth training session in Kass, South Darfur @CARE

 Vacancy No: 27
 Grade Level: Grade D
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: South Kordofan – Abugibiha
 Duration: 1 Year
 Closing Date: 20 Sept 2023


Job Summary:


CARE International is received funding from the Federal ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) Germany. The position holder is expected to provide technical and implementation support to CARE's livelihoods and resilience program in South Kordofan and, will be part of the entitled Improved Food Security, Livelihoods and Resilience through promotion of peaceful coexistence among Refugees, IDPs and host communities in South Kordofan. The project will cover four localities which are Abugibiha, Gadeer, Altadamoun and Elabassiya locality.  
The project will help build the resilience of individuals, households, communities, and institutions in the target areas in the South Kordofan state of Sudan and achieve food security, address harmful gender norms, and strengthen the capacity to mitigate conflicts and the effects of climate change, also to promotes greater inclusion of women, youth, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups in individual project activities
The project intended to (1) improve the food security and livelihoods of the target through diversified agriculture, income-generating activities, and social capital. (2) Improved access to water resources for domestic consumption and productive use, and improved management capacity to anticipate, absorb, and manage shocks and stresses, and (3) Capacity built for conflict mitigation and inclusive natural resource management, led by women and people with special needs.
The project works with NNGOs, microfinance institutions, traditional community leaders, women producer's associations, and community-based organizations (CSOs) at the local level.
The project WASH officer will be responsible for the implementation of program activities as per guidelines and protocols specified in each intervention areas in close coordination with line ministries, engaging another relevant government department (WES and SMOH) and other agencies operating in project operational area and provide timely quality reports about the achievement of project objectives and targets. 

 Duties and responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities and Tasks: -



1. Implementation of communities’ water sources under this project as per technical guidance for Construction and Rehabilitation (60%):-


 Conduct the needs assessment and survey for communities’ water assets and provide technical support accordingly.
 Preparation of the bill of quantities for all water sources under rehabilitation/construction. 
 Establish and train water user committees in project operational areas .
 Establish and train four mobile repair teams and circuit riders.
 Restoring community infrastructures through CFW and ensure that the project adheres to the required standards.
 Monitor the quality of implemented work at all field levels. 
 Support and the DRR and early warning related activities.  
 Follow up on the implementation of activities by the contractors and provide technical feedback on their work and performance whenever required. 
 Participate in project data collection and assessments.
 Contribute to the development of the project procurement plan for all WASH activities and review quarterly.
 Community mobilization and sensitization about all project activities.


2. Contribute to the success of CARE partnership approach (10%):-


 Work with  other  team members in partners review, and assessment and identification of  capacity gaps
 Ensure partner’s involvement in all project activities and build their sense of ownership and accountability. 
 Support local partners and contractors in following up on project activities implemented by groups/committees and line ministries. 
 Participate in the review meetings of partners’ financial and narrative reports, document challenges and lessons lea


3. Monitoring (15%):-


 Participate in the preparation of project detailed implementation plan (DIP) and monthly progress review exercises. 
 Ensure the implementation of the project log frame and M&E plan.
 Monitor the project activities and track implementation.
 Suggest, share, test, and implement tools to track changes and impact on the project beneficiaries. 
 Ensure that the detailed implementation plan and spending plan are adhered to.
 Develop detailed individual weekly activity plan and track progress.
 Identify and plan for addressing weak areas in the project implementation at field level

4. Reporting and documentation (10%):-
 Based on the monitoring plan, the WASH officer will submit a plan on weekly basis, review the work plan of the previous week and develop the plan for the subsequent week, and report on the progress of weekly work plans and related problems.
 Submit regular reports on project activities.
  Documentation through reporting on achievements, challenges and good practices, and successful stories of the project.
 3- Attend / represent the sector at WASH sector at locality level and share update at state level with CARE focal person who attended the meeting in Kadugli.


5. Uphold CARE Values and contribute to CIS shared priorities (5%):- 
 Be aware of the CIS Safety andSecurity Management Plan (SSMP) and comply with it at all times
 Be aware of CARE’s commitments to Gender and Diversity, and strive to uphold them
 Promote CARE’s core values at all times
 Other priority tasks as required by management, for overall benefit of CIS


Contacts and Key Relationships:- 


Work closely with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Village Development Committee, communities’ associations & groups, Community leaders and other community structures. Government structures, any other relevant agency and partners in the area of operation.


   Working Conditions:-
As stated in the terms of responsibilities, the CARE International In Sudan HR manual, this position will be based in Abugibiha field office. However the Food security and Livelihood officer is expected to spend 80% of his/her time in the field with the community, the program officer will work interactively with the community and will be staying in the community and must be willing to travel to different project sites and other areas with the project catchments areas under very difficult conditions as required. The nature of an NGO job dictates irregular working hours including after hours, week-ends and holidays. South Kordofan is a security sensitive area and the officer will be expected to comply with, and will be supported to facilitate his/her operations within, the framework of CARE International In Sudan security protocols



 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Required Qualifications and Competencies:-


 The ideal candidate will have an Environmental health (WASH) background and experience in implementing Water, Sanitation, DRR, CFW, and sanitation.
 Minimum Degree in Water Engineering, Civil Engineering, Public Health Engineering or a related field.
 Significant professional experience in the design and implementation of WASH projects with a bias towards community water infrastructure and harvesting structures.
 Able to work under pressure and able to multi-task.
 Able to fluently communicate and write in English.
 Competent communication skills, effective in representation and liaison 
 An Engineer with experience in designing WASH infrastructure for rural communities including irrigation systems. 
 Strong management, planning, analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills.
 Competent user of MS Applications: Word, Excel; AutoCAD, ArchiCAD or similar

 Languages: Good knowledge of both written and spoken Arabic and English languages is a requirement for this position.
Desirable’s qualifications and Competencies

-Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, civil engineering or sanitation engineering 
-Good English report writing and communication skills.
-Demonstrated experience in the establishment of community water infrastructures and setting up of water user committees.
-Excellent organizational skills and experience with budgets and tracking project resources 
-Computer skills: Word, Excel and power point and perfect data analysis skills, knowledge of PERIMAVERA or Microsoft Project/ AutoCAD is an asset.


External candidates who are interested and meet the above requirements should submit their education and experience certificates, Cover letter & update CV to HAC  South Kordofan – Abujibeiha or sudanjobs.net before closing of business day, Wednesday , 20th, September 2023





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