Technical/Professional Vocational Trainings, REFLECT methodology sessions. Mayo Area, Khartoum

COOPI aspires to a world without poverty, a world in which the ideals of equality and justice, sustainable development and social cohesion can be achieved, thanks to the coming together and cooperation of its peoples.

COOPI is present in 31 countries and works directly on the main humanitarian crises: Lake Chad region, Syrian crisis, Horn of Africa and Venezuelan crisis


 Supervisor: PM, Martina Granato & PM Assistant, Muna Hijazi
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: Till OCTOBER 2022
 Closing Date: 03 July 2022


COOPI Is looking for professional training center with high capacity and well- acknowledge about the Mayo area in order to implement technical professional trainings and human capacity development trainings, through REFLECT methodology.

COOPI is implementing a multi- sectoral Project funded by AICS- Italian Agency for International Development Cooperation, in Mayo Area. The main sector of implementation are DRR, WASH and Livelihood. The three components are strongly related to achieve the objective of strengthening resilience of the most vulnerable population of Mayo Angola, Ghabboush, Yarmouk and Mandela.

The following ToR has the scope to find an accredited service provider in order to deliver high quality vocational trainings and REFLECT methodology trainings (major details in the Deliverables paragraph), in strong coordination with COOPI Project Staff.

The ToR includes the overall objectives to be met, the duration of the service, the scope of work and the deliverables expected within the framework of this development project.



Overall Objective:

  • The main objective of this ToR is to receive offers of collaborations from different service providers in the Field of Vocational Trainings and literacy programs.

The Candidate will be then evaluated on the base of their experience, their program, the capacity to perform the trainings according to the workplan, learning materials and trainees CV.


  • The duration of the service provision will be until October 2022, on a base of a workplan agreed with COOPI Management Team and Project Field Staff.

 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Technical-professional training courses for a n. of 156 vulnerable youth, the location has to be identified in the area of Mayo Angola, Yarmouk, Mandela, Ghabboush
    • The expected trainings should regard the following professions:
    • Craftworks
    • Plumbing
    • Electrician
    • Phone repair
    • IT
    • Driving accreditation

The technical-professional training has to be aimed at the development of the human capital of the workforce, in particular for the most vulnerable young people. The trainee has to apply an integrated learning approach.


  • REFLECT Methodology trainings for n. 156 vulnerable women of Mayo Angola, Mandela, Ghabboush, Yarmouk.

REFLECT is an integrated learning approach that aims at the growth of the person not only from a strictly professional aspect but also concerning the different spheres of social life; this is therefore extremely relevant and consistent with the objective of contributing to the resilience of the population (in this case with focus on women beneficiaries). It has been disseminated by Paulo Freire and it is based on giving the tools to the working groups to develop their own materials and learning activities in a collaborative and growth perspective, considering the socio-economic context. For instance, numerical-financial skills will be learned through practical cases such as the cost of medicines in the family or children's school fees. This method allows women to take a central role in this learning experience, contributing to their self-esteem and confidence in their own resources. 

  • Detailed reports, documentation, pictures for every trained group.
  • Graduation ceremony and Certificates for all the beneficiaries for training held




The consultant / contractor / company will

  • Provide support to the beneficiaries in getting in contact with companies and generally the job market;
  • Train the beneficiaries as specified in the section “Deliverables”;
  • Identify a suitable location inside Mayo targeted areas;
  • Provide drinkable water and refreshment during the trainings;
  • Provide effective and good quality learning materials, to be validated by COOPI senior management staff;
  • Provide proper documentation, report and pictures of the trainings;
  • Ensure the attendance to the training is consistent;
  • Submit all the official registrations documents;
  • Submit an offer for the implementation of proposed trainings;
  • Coordinate and follow up with COOPI Focal Team;
  • To liaise and coordinate with the community with the support of COOPI Field Team.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Requirements for the Consultant / Contractor / Company etc.

Include here:

  • Proven experience of a minimum 6 years of experience in Vocational Trainings and REFLECT Methodology trainings in humanitarian context;
  • Formal recognition and registration documents as an accredited training provider in Sudan;
  • Strong knowledge of Khartoum State, particularly Mayo area context;
  • Effective learning materials;
  • Expertise in REFLECT methodology and integrative learning approaches;

Please note: Costs incurred by the tenderer in preparing and submitting the tender proposals will not be reimbursed.

Offers must be submitted:

(1) Via email:

(2) In a sealed envelopes to the following address:

COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale - Sudan,

Al Amarat, Street 13, Block 13, House No. 26, Khartoum, Sudan.

Envelpoes should be marked “not to be opened before 3rd JULY 2022, at 2:30 PM and should bear the tender reference “ Service provision of: - Technical- Professional Vocational Trainings (details below) - REFLECT methodology sessions (details below). Mayo Area, Khartoum.

specified above on the outside of the envelope for identification purposes.

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