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Logistics Officer Transport , Warehouse & Assets Management
Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization that strives for a world free from poverty, fear, and oppression. We deliver life-saving and life-changing interventions to the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. From rapid emergency response to innovative development programming, we go to the hardest to reach places to make sure that no-one is left behind.

 Section/Unit: Admin
 Grade Level: D0 to D5 Gross Salary Range between 584- 710 USD
 Supervisor: Senior Logistics Officer
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: 24 Month
 Closing Date: 22 May 2022

 Duties and responsibilities:


Stock Management

  • Take a strategic approach to supply management utilizing sound practices to ensure accountable, timely, and cost effective delivery of appropriate supplies to the programmes
  • Oversee and implement Concern standard warehouse/stores management procedures and monitoring stock levels and advise on appropriate stocking and replenishment decisions to meet project demands.
  • Carry out monthly physical stock counts, analyze the stock reports and identify gaps and find suggestions for improvement including capacity building of the store keeper
  • Planning for receipt of items by maintaining up to date records of SRs & LPOs/ contracts
  • Receiving and releasing items from the stores, based on approved paperwork
  • Verifying that goods received match the specification of what is required
  • Verifying that goods, e.g food & drugs, are in date Storing the items in an organized and tidy manner to ensure that items are not damaged while in storage and for ease of stock counts
  • Verify stock levels regularly, as items are received or released
  • Report to the relevant budget holders when minimum stock levels are reached
  • Documents any loss, theft or damage to supplies
  • Follow-up with special attention drugs & food expiry dates or any other damage of stock, and warn the concerned department two months before goods become completely obsolete or lost.


  • Manage the transport planning and ensure all vehicles are allocated based on requests.
  • Plan and implement transportation of staff and goods  to and from office.
  • Regularly update the service trucker to ensure timely service of cars and closely follow-up on spares of the cars.
  • Promote safety and security for vehicles through sensitization, driver briefing and close follow up, thus ensuring that drivers strictly abide by Sudan traffic laws and/or Concern driving rules (whichever is more restrictive).
  • Technically supervise and train drivers  to improve their overall  knowledge and skills, working alongside with them when necessary.
  • Ensure all drivers have been properly tested and are fully competent in driving and ensure that all have a current and valid driving licence.
  • Plan work schedules that give time for repairs in liaison with Sr logistics Officer to effectively ensure un interupted work.
  • Request and preposition spare parts stock at an appropriate level according to needs.
  • Create awareness and facilitate the implementation of Transport Standard Operating procedures to all staff.
  • Monitor and maintain fuel logs and record on a weekly basis according to existing Concern guidelines
  • Ensure that the transport staff understand and respect Concern Worldwide policies including  Code of conduct and associated policies.


Asset and Inventory Management

  • Receive and record any new Inventory and Assets in the Asset register.
  • Update on a quarterly basis the Asset register.
  • Ensure all non-functional Assets/inventory is properly and regularly communicated.
  • Follow-up on incidences relating to asset and inventory damages and filed on incident reports.

Performance management

  • Ensure effective supervision for the Drivers  for effective support.
  • Coordinate timely performance appraisals for the Drivers  and ensure it is filled every year.
  • Define, with each member of your staff, his/her action plan (objectives) and monitor progress for reaching defined goals;
  • Support and advise your team in the implementation of their objectives;
  • Ensure feed back to your team about issues raised by them;
  • Ensure good communications with each member of team through regular coordination meetings.


  • Ensure weekly/Monthly  Warehouse and Transport reports  are produced.
  •  Ensure stock cards are updated daily and or regularly
  • Conduct routine Asset/ inventory updating and submit report to the  Sr Logistics Officer and Logisticis Coordinator in a timely manner.
  • Monthly analysis of Transport, Warehouse & Assets Management KPIs Ensuring  DIK properly tacked.
  • Consolidate the Khartoum Transport report and fuel analysis and share with the Senior Logistics officer for consoildation and wider sharing with the Logistics Coordinator.
  • Ensure the Generator fuel is done weekly and  running hours correctly  tracked.
  • Consolidate and report on monthly fuel  and Vehicle movement reports  are produced.


  • Ensure that the stores are organized in line with standard procedures ensuring adequate space, safety and access to items held in store
  • To ensure that all flammable or explosive products (if any) are stored safely (in a ventilated place away from the light) and away from other materials, equipment and products.
  • Monitor security of Concern and cluster storage and supplies.
  • Ensure all staffs have safety gadgets in the course of their duties. E.g safety gloves for carrying items, masks and gumboots for guards and drivers at all time.
  • Keep the up-to-date records of the fire extinguishers and update the Senior Logistics Officer with fire extinguisher expiries two months before expiry for refilling. 


  • Other:Actively participate in collective exercises such as preparation or updates of Preparing for Effective Emergency Response (PEER) plan, Security Management Plan (SMP) and other Concern initiatives. 
  • Take active measures to address equality issues, particularly relating to gender, in programme as well as operational activities.Ensure the highest stands of accountability through ensuring good communication and information sharing within and outside the organization.
  • Be aware of, understand and comply with all of Concern’s policies and procedures (Code of Conduct and its associated policies, finance, logistics, HR, security management etc).
  • Contribute to ongoing security management and planning as necessary.
  • Actively participate in any emergency response if called upon to do so (within the existing programme area or in a new one).
  • Undertake other related duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Logistics Manager.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:


  • Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in Logistics, Administration or related field with demonstrated experience in Logistics and (or) Administration in Sudan.
  • At least three (3) years of progressive experience with at least two (2) years’ experience with an International NGO in Logistics.
  • Demonstrated working Knowledge of Transport, Warehouse, and Assets management. 
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple staff and coordinate Logistics activities 
  • Excellent teamwork including abilities to coordinate well with diverse individuals and teams and to negotiate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders to achieve results;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of operations and logistics systems procedures for donor/client-funded projects.
  • Strong computer skills in basic, office programs.
  • Fluency in English, knowledge of Arabic is an asset.


  • Willingness to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, facilitation skills and writing skills.



  • Managing yourself
  • Leadership
  • Communicating and working with others
  • Delivering Results
  • Planning and Decision Making


  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Influence, Advocacy and Networking
  • Change Management


Concern is committed to responding to emergencies efficiently and effectively in order to help affected people meet their basic needs, alleviate suffering and maintain their dignity. To this end, when emergencies strike and Sudan Programme is to respond, all staff are required to actively participate in the response, regardless of location and contribute to the efforts aimed at achieving the humanitarian objective of the organization.

Concern Code of Conduct and its Associated Policies.

Concern has an organisational Code of Conduct (CCoC) with three Associated Policies; the Programme Participant Protection Policy (P4), the Child Safeguarding Policy and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Policy. These have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from exploitation, and to clarify the responsibilities of Concern staff, consultants, visitors to the programme and partner organisation, and the standards of behaviour expected of them. In this context, staff have a responsibility to the organisation to strive for, and maintain, the highest standards in the day-to-day conduct in their workplace in accordance with Concern’s


Core values and mission. Any candidate offered a job with Concern Worldwide will be expected to sign the Concern Staff Code of Conduct and Associated Policies as an appendix to their contract of employment. By signing the Concern Code of Conduct, candidates acknowledge that they have understood the content of both the Concern Code of Conduct and the Associated Policies and agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions of these policies


To apply : Please submit a cover letter , CV detailing your experience skills and qualifications, your experience and educational certificates, ID, Birth Certificate, National Number, Contact details for two professional references to Sudan Job  Website.






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