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Liaison and Administration Officer
Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid is a faith-based British international charity that provides help to people who are victims of natural disasters, conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy. It was established in the United Kingdom in 1985 in response to the drought in the Horn of Africa. Muslim Aid's Sudan Country office (MASCO) was set up in 1991 in response to the strategic need and to enable the continuation of effective aid work in the country. Currently, Muslim Aid is implementing projects in Kassala, Central Darfur and Red Sea State , Algazieera State , Gdarief State in Sudan.

 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: 12 Month
 Closing Date: 25 Jan 2022


Purpouse of the Job:

The Liaison and Adminstration Officer is responsible for all day to day liaison and admin work Felt Managment and liaise with HAC and relevant Government Ministries/Authorities on MA,s behalf, including managing the passage of MA program Technical Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding, visa’s and permits through HAC’s systems and mistrial system processes. In Coordination and Cooperation with program and Systems staff, the Liaison Officer is expected to ensure cordial relations with local authorities on behalf of MA as well as ensuring MA compliance with all requirements (administrative and Coordination) of Federal and State Authorities.

 Duties and responsibilities:

International Staff process:

  • Responsible for applying, submitting & tracking (for renewal purposes) visa applications, work permits, residency permits, exit re -entry visas, in-country travel permits and other related official documentation for all Muslim Aid UK international staff and visitors.
  • Inform Muslim Aid UK SMT on any new legislation affecting/restricting NGO and foreign nationals working in Sudan such as VAT or income tax exemption.
  • Track International Staff Leave and R&R schedule terms of visa’s and travel permit.
  • Maintaining both electronic and hard copies filling systems for international staff documentation & correspondences.

Government Relations:

  • Identify key NGO stakeholders in relevant government ministries through the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC).
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with HAC.
  • Ensure compliance of Muslim Aid UK with all general requirements of the Federal and State authorities including submission of requested reports and responding to ad hoc requests and follow up with any pending authorizations/permissions to conduct programme activities.
  • Assist proactively to obtain the national registration and other similar necessary sub-agreements and MOU’s for Muslim Aid UK in Sudan with relevant government ministries.
  • Act as the focal point for all government and representational correspondence – in coordination with the Country Director and/or Systems Director.
  • Accompany senior staff to meetings with government official and facilitate the conversation for a smooth representation of Muslim Aid UK in those meetings.
  • Ensure all correspondence to the government is in line with Muslim Aid,s policies.
  • Ensure the Senior Management Team , ACs and AMs are kept updated on the structures of government at both Federal and State levels. 
  • Facilitate and follow up on all meetings with relevant government stakeholders as and when required. 

General Administration:

  • Attend and participate in Senior Management Meetings, and in other team management meetings to facilitate coordination, understanding, and cooperation between the support and program departments, and take meeting munities.
  • Attend and participate in inter-agency meetings or working-groups as required.
  • Draft correspondence both Arabic& English directed by Line Manager and also according to work needs.
  • Responsible for ensuring all staff welfare issues in the office and at the Guest house are addressed in a timely manager. This will include provision of water, gas and other amenities
  • Draft memos, letters and other official external and internal documents as requested by Head of Operations or CD.
  • Communicate with partners to confirm need and receipt of documents and forms.
  • Prepare regular correspondences to be sent through the pouch or mail.
  • Handling incoming and outgoing mail as well as incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • Preparing office needs and supplies. Responsible for the storage prepares once in three months a list of all the supplies needed by MA Sudan Office. Keeps track of the supplies use.
  • Liaise with Field/Khartoum/HQ office store/warehouse on dispatch of Project materials, supplies, equipment etc & verify & acknowledge goods & services delivered
  • All necessary administrative duties required by day-to-day operations.

Vehicles management

  • Ensure proper servicing, maintenance and repair of vehicles, in accordance with MA standards. Any irregularities to be investigated and reported to the Sub-Office in charge and Khartoum Office.
  • Ensure records are kept for mileage driven fuel added and the vehicle log book maintained, including for rented vehicles. At month end provide an analysis on vehicle use to be charged to the different projects being implemented by the Sub-Office.
  • Fuel consumption tracking and reporting implemented and responsibility for/supervision of fueling at all times and report any anomalies to the Sub-Office in charge.
  • Ensure all vehicles have up to date licenses, registration, and insurance and ensure timely renewal of the same.
  • Monitor daily vehicle movement & drivers’ assignment

Facilities utilization and management:

  • Supervise and organize all maintenance and repairs for MA premises (office, warehouse and guesthouses) and equipment therein, ensuring they are compliant with standards.
  • Maintain and update a database of skilled contractors, such as electricians, constructors, carpenters.
  • Implement the agreed energy setup for the MA structures & ensure their correct operation.
  • Ensure a permanent functioning electrical supply through city power and generator backups through hardware maintenance procedures, including ensuring a minimum stock of fuel and electricity bills are paid within the stipulated time frame.
  • Follow up and report in fuel and spare part consumption, observing and reporting irregularities and making recommendations to improve efficiency while minimizing costs.
  • Ensure the guesthouse facilities are maintained, regularly cleaned and aired and that utilities are in sufficient supply for use by visiting staff.
  • Set up and maintain a booking system for guest room utilization in the residences. Ensure that all guest house residences and short-term visitors travel times and dates are noted in the plan. Coordinate with Head of Operations and CD on flights and transport for arriving and departing guests and residents.
  • Organize and maintain a system of ‘welcome kits’ for new staff and short-term visitors and guests, to include towel, soap, 2x bottles of drinking water in their room on arrival.
  • Set up and maintain a room inventory of furniture, fixtures and fittings for each guest room. Develop a standardized room inventory in consultation with the Head of Operations and organize the procurement of missing or replacement items as required. Ensure an inventory check is done in a guest room each time it is vacated.
  • Ensure that all fixtures and fittings are in place and report missing or faulty items to the Residents and the Head of Operations/AC
  • Inspect all the guest houses to ensure general cleanliness standards and ascertain what structural changes and maintenance repairs must be undertaken to maintain the safety, physical integrity and smooth functioning of the guesthouses and office premises.
  • Implement management decisions on any structural changes and ensure that requests for maintenance or servicing or repairs are forwarded to the Head of Operations for action within one working day.
  • Develop and maintain a written schedule of guest services, including laundry.
  • Carry out inspections of rooms, services, fittings and fixtures in all MA Sudan guesthouses/office every two months.
  • Provide a written report to the Head of Operations on any inventory gaps, essential repairs and maintenance, cleanliness, compliance by residents to Code of Conduct and any other issues affecting the smooth and effective running of the facilities.

Cleaning Services and standards

  • Train and set standards for the guesthouse/office cleaners in the daily cleaning of kitchens, guestrooms, bathrooms, and common areas. Monitor the standards and report to Head of Operations on performance
  • Set up a rota of tasks for kitchen cleaning by cleaners and residents. Record and report on compliance. Develop a cleaning schedule to include the following: cupboards clearing, stove and oven cleaning, fridge and freezer emptying, defrosting and cleaning. Establish and maintain a schedule to supervise all the guest house cleaners in ensuring that they carry out their responsibilities of cleaning, sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing the guest house accommodation rooms.
  • Ensure that the MA office/ guesthouses compounds, the gardens, parking lots are cleaned, swept, watered, raked, weeded, levelled, etc.
  • Establish written standards for cleaning staff and supervise and record their daily compliance with tasks and standards.
  • Draft written instructions and standards for staff and provide training in hygiene and hygienic food handling, washing up, food storage, use of fridges and stoves etc. Monitor and report on compliance to the Operations Manager and Residents’ Committee.

Maintenance and repair and supplies

  • Follow through on all maintenance “Work Order Requests” requests supervising the requested jobs to completion. Thereafter, submitting certificates of completion, financial payment requests so that the contractors receive justifiable payments.
  • Coordinate with Head of Operations in ensuring necessary documentation is provided for all maintenance work financed through MA Sudan including copies of all maintenance requests, quotes, invoices and requests for payment.
  • Set up a water supply backup system for offices, kitchens and guest rooms. Undertake daily checks on water supply from boreholes and other sources are working adequately. Ensure that all guest rooms and kitchens have a replenished back up water storage in case of water supply failure.
  • Supervise and ensure timely maintenance and replacement of chemicals and spares for the drinking water filtration system.
  • Report to Head of Operations on all maintenance and repair requests for the residences. Maintain a log of requests and repairs in guest houses and monitor services and timeliness.
  • Monitor functioning of all mechanical and electrical and electronic fixtures, fitting and services at the Residence (generators, water pump, water filters, solar panels and inverters, television, stoves, washing machines, fridges, freezers, ACs, compound security lighting, internet modem and internet ISP) and report any breakdown. Provide a written checklist report on functioning to the Head of Operations.
  • Monitor and report that servicing and maintenance of equipment is carried out to agreed timetables.
  • Set up and maintain a ‘customer feedback ‘system for guest and residents’ suggestions and complaints for services improvement.
  • Organize and account for a stock inventory and monitor the use of consumables used by the residents, including tea/coffee/milk/ sugar and management of consumables used for cleaning (toilet paper, washing powder, disinfectant, bleach, insecticide and small repairs (e.g., light bulbs)
  • Set up a system for hygienic waste disposal in the kitchen and in the compounds. Set up a safe system for waste disposal in guest rooms, common areas and kitchen and ensure waste bins are used properly, kept covered and emptied on a specified rota.
  • Organize and implement a schedule of periodic pest control at the residence, including insects and rodents.
  • Conduct weekly meetings with GH personnel and report issues of concern to Operations Management and the Residents’’ Committee.
  • Coordinate with Khartoum/field office Office to ensure that all hard security measures such as razor wire, alarms, security lights, etc meet accepted MA standards. Report any malfunctioning, e.g., broken security lights, to the Head of Operations/AC

File documents and maintain integrity of the filing system

  • Review and revise, or design new version of, filing system.  
  • File documents daily.
  • Ensure that the filing system is logical and comprehensible to all users so that documents are easy to locate.
  • Refile documents used by staff persons to maintain file integrity.
  • Prepare file listings by drawer for each file cabinet.
  • Forward older document files to the archives as requested by the Finance department or Head Operations.

Produce and submit reports and other documents.

  • Assist with the preparation of monthly and quarterly reports as requested.
  • Draft and submit minutes of Department meetings and conferences.
  • Prepare and submit travel advance requests and liquidations. 
  • Verify “Trip Reports” and the attached accounting pieces.
  • Prepare and submit monthly report on office supply usages, inventory report, Vehicle mileage and Logistics to the Juba Office & Finance & Operations Manger
  • Assist staff with preparation of monthly activity plans.

Program Support

  • Responsible for guiding and facilitating the progress of technical, sub agreements, and MOU through the government approval procedures.
  • Ensure that all Muslim Aid UK program staff (Field Managers, Program Managers) are aware of the procedures and the steps to follow to sign the project Technical-Agreements, drafting SOPs and providing briefings and training to staff where necessary.
  • Assist the programe team to build a network with relevant authorities at federal level to ensure continuous access to project sites. Keep programme teams informed in specific regulations, which may impact or delay our ability to implement program activities.
  • Coordinate with staff with similar duties in other INGOs.
  • Actively follow-up all outstanding application filed with HAC or other government bodies.
  • Manage preparation of training sessions for partners and/or staff.  Includes identifying training locations, contacting participants, preparing documents and training materials, procuring supplies, arranging for lodging and airport pickups, reserving and delivering equipment to the training site, etc.


  • Liaise with HR department and Labour Office in HAC on arranging posting advertisements at the Labour Office as per HAC Regulations.
  • Liaise with HR department and Ministry of Labour representatives and set up dates for both Written and Oral interviews upon receiving details of candidates from the HR Department.
  • Arrange and coordinate any payments relating to recruitment fees to relevant authorities.
  • In coordination with HR Department, address any matters/correspondences relating to the Ministry of Labour.
  • Renewal of Customs Agreements and custom exemptions Importation List approval.
  • Update liaison mapping trackers and share them weekly with the Senior Officer Administration and Security.
  • Conducts himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Muslim Aid UK and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission;

Other Admin Tasks

  • Participate in field visits, meetings, and other activities as requested by Head of Operations.
  • Prepare travel documents for Operations staff, vacation planning, “Vacation Requests,” requests for advances, and other documents as requested by staff liaison with HR
  • Ensure timely liquidation of advances by staff.
  • Other relevant tasks as assigned by Supervisor.

Supervisory Functions

  • The Admin Officer will participate in recruiting, guiding and orienting subordinates.
  • S/he will supervise the daily operations and work of maintenance staff.
  • Establish meaningful monthly and annual performance plan with subordinates and evaluate and document employee performance both formally, through the coaching sessions and the annual appraisal and informally, but regularly throughout the year.
  • Conduct coaching sessions and ongoing mentoring as per MA policy.
  • Ensure ongoing motivation of subordinates and continuous capacity building, clearly communicate practical recommendations to be taken by either MA, or the employee, or both, to improve performance.

Key Working Relationship:

  • Internal:           Logistic, Cleaners, HR, Drivers, Area Manager/Coordinator and Guest House Resident

External:          Service providers for cleaning, building maintenance and equipment maintenance

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Person Specification


Essential / Desirable

Assessment Stage


  a degree in Logistics, Procurement, Business Administration or a related field from a recognized institution with at least 3 years of relevant pro; equivalent years’ experience can be accepted in compensation should MA Management consider them acceptable.



Experience & knowledge:

At least 3 years’ experience in Logistics/Procurement preferably with INGOs.

, UN or other


Application and Interview

Demonstrable capacity to train service staff to understand and implement essential routines and comply with established standards.


Application and Interview

Full command on payroll preparation


Application and Interview

Skills and Abilities

Excellent leadership, team coordination skills


Application and Interview

Detail oriented and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively and meet deadlines


Application and


Strong analytical skills and attention to detail


Application and


Proven initiative and ability to work independently


Application and


Professional proficiency in Arabic &English


Application and


Willingness and ability to travel


Application and


A strong communicator, demonstrating the ability to network, present and negotiate effectively at a very Mid senior level


Application and


Ability to work in a systematic and methodical manner


Application and Interview

Work independently, accurately and efficiently to deadlines and targets, often under pressure, managing a wide and varied workload, using strong organizational skills, with minimal supervision


Application and



You will display the competencies below :



Team working

Co-operates with and respect colleagues to exceed up and beyond

individual efforts


The ability to listen, express and communicate information effectively

Performance Management

Delivery of organization objectives through effective setting of SMART

personal goals and team goals

Results Focused

Getting the job done in an efficient way through effective time, task and

HR management


Inspiring, supporting and developing others to achieve outstanding levels

of performance

Innovation & Continuous


Constantly seeking to improve the way business is done through analysis,

creativity, problem solving and change initiatives





Child safeguarding level:


We are committed to the safeguarding and protection of children and vulnerable people in our work. We will do everything possible to ensure that only those who are suitable to work with children and vulnerable people are recruited to work for us.


Interested applicants are requested to submit their applications with C. Vs and Credential certificates HAC Khartoum OR via sudanjobs.net Only short listed candidates shall be invited for the interview


How to apply:


•            To apply for the above-mentioned position, please submit your CV and credentials to Sudanjob.net or HAC Khartoum.

•            The closing date for submission of applications is 25th January 2022. 


Applications must be in English language and include:


  • Complete CV and Copies of all certificates and University degree.
  • Cover letter in English
  • Updated contact details (candidate’s phone number and a backup phone number)
  • Sudanese National ID.  Copy of Labor card and civil certificate.


The application should be submitted on or before 21 of March 2022 in sealed envelope mentioning “MA-UK- application for  Livelihood
 to labor office OR HAC Gadrief.

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