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Electrical Electronic Engineer

We are a leading FTSE company with truly international credentials. Spread across six continents, our regions are the United States of America; Americas and Sub Saharan Africa; Europe and North Africa; and Asia-Pacific and Middle East.



 Vacancy No: 31
 Section/Unit: Manufacturing
 Grade Level: Engineering
 Supervisor: Production Manager
 No. of Post: 2
 Duty Station: Madani
 Duration: 1 Year Contract (Renewable)
 Closing Date: 27 Jan 2022


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 Duties and responsibilities:

  • To keep all records (stoppage records,sensor checklists) related to activities which are done in Cell regularly and according to record management system.
  • To get support from electronical team when there is a chronic problem or serious system problem by informing technical manager.
  • To attend all maintenance,production and project meetings and to implement related actions.
  • All production machines and equipments.
  • SMD Print & Apply system.
  • Quality control systems.
  • To know all production processes and quality parameters in SMD area and to make sure about product quality.
  • To use equipments properly according to requirements and targets.
  • To do electronical controls of all machines and equipments in SMD periodically and to keep equipments functional and to report results to cell manager.
  • To find and fix problems when necessary
  • To check and make maintenance to all machines and equipments according to maintenance plan.To organize electronical connections and cables in a safe way to prevent dangers and follow EHS rules.
  • Improvement,sustainability and maintenance of quality control systems of SMD Machines
  • To give suggestions to prevent problems and improve machine and product quality.To provide modification and projects which are suitable to standards by sharing with technical department.
  • To keep and track periodical maintenance,daily checklists and problem solving records of SMD machines regularly.
  • To keep all machines and systems ready for operation related to factory requirements.
  • Ensure all the parameters on the machines are accurate and as per the products spec.
  • To take preventative precautions to minimize the effects of electronical problems.
  • To try to find system problems as early as possible by observing and ensure systems quality devices are in good conditions.
  • To be ready physically and mentally for working.
  • To know dangerous situations and follow suitable procedures to struggle with them.
  • To take fixing action when there is an insecure situation.
  • To report all accidents to EHS department.
  • To obey general safety rules.
  • To use personal protective safety equipments and to check functions of these regularly.To supply new ones if necessary.
  • To follow suitable locking and sealing procedures for all equipments in responsible area.
  • Not to use damaged equipment and tools.
  • To keep environment clean and tidy.
  • To join EHS group meetings and to have active roles in these meetings.
  • To inform technical manager immediately about all problems which effect production.
  • To have communication with other team members to help them work more effective by providing all necessary information.
  • To keep his working area  clean,proper and tidy without materials which might stop activities.
  • To keep electronical Cabinets clean and tidy.
  • To follow cleaning procedures.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

*Minimum Qualification:

  • BSC.degree in Electerical Electronic Engineering or any relevant field.

*Skills and Experience Required:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in this postion.
  • Acceptable English knowledge both written and spoken.
  • Knowledge of Siemens S7, Siemens protol, windows operating system, microsoft office and hardware knowledge.
  • Experience on GD Mechinary Technology is preferred.
  • Experience on industrial electronic,power electronic,automatic control,sensors and equipments.
  • Problem solving skill and supporting team work.