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Server and Network admin
Federal ministry of health
 starting Date: as soon as possible
 Section/Unit: DHIS2 unit
 Supervisor: DHIS2 Section Head.
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 29 Jan 2022


Health Management Information unit is one of the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health directorates (FMOH) that aimsto:

  • build a sustainable, integrated and effective system for statistical information and data that contributes to providing information for planning purposes.

  • Develop policies, guidelines, specifications and standards for the statistical system, to ensure the quality of health information.

  • Providing medical records, statistical charts, records of births and deaths, with their books, according to the specified specifications.

  • Develop a scientific framework for following up and evaluating the implementation of health plans and programs, the performance of the health system, and the indicators required for that.

  • Develop the policies and systems required for the use of communication technology in the health field and the information system

  • Publishing periodic reports related to health statistics and health system performance and setting guidelines for this.

  • Building capacities in the field of statistics and health information and developing curricula and programs to achieve this.

  • Coordination with the relevant authorities in conducting or participating in health surveys.

The DHIS2 project is one of the biggest project related to health information that is undergone by the FMOH, it is a tool for collection, validation, analysis and presentation of aggregate statistical data, tailored to integrate health information management activities. DHIS2 is a modular based software package built with free and open source java frame work with interoperability between users and program. In Sudan the DHIS2 was 1st introduced in September 2014 but it was officially launched in April 2016 with varying degrees of reporting from different states and localities. Since then, a lot of efforts have been made to improve the coverage of the reporting rate through DHIS2.

Job Purpose/ Summary:

Under the direct supervision of HMIS manager and in close coordination with the IT and DHIS2 units the incumbent will provide technical and operational support mainly in the below mentioned areas:

  • Insuring that the DHIS2 server is updated, accessible and running efficiently.
  • Migration from internet-based access to APN based access.
  • Routine updates of DHIS2 server and its relevant software (i.e JAVA, POSTGRESS, LINUX)
  • Capacity building of IT staff on DHIS2 server.


 Duties and responsibilities:


  1. Setting up the network on the DHIS2 server to access the dhis2 APN & National network in addition to the internet .
  2. Ensure sustainable access to the dhis2 server through APN and or internet.
  3. Conducting network troubleshooting to identify general network problems, investigating, diagnosing and handling network problems.
  4. Carrying out routine configuration and installation of IT solutions (ex. (auto backup scripts).
  5. Carrying out any necessary software upgrades such as (java, postgress, linux, dhis2 version)
  6. Maintaining all local software and hardware licensing to ensure conformance.
  7. Configure operating system with access control and proper file system permissions.
  8. Install Tomcat server container , PostgreSQL database and tune all for high performance and maximum stability.
  9. Install DHIS2 application and configure security aspects.
  10. Install Nginx reverse proxy and enable caching and compression.
  11. Configure & use SSH Public Key Authentication to avoid unauthorized access.
  12. Configuring SMS gateways on Dhis2 Server.
  13. Maintaining dhis2 server, upgrade, secure, system backups and disaster recovery preparation.
  14. Monitoring dhis2 Server performance and Storage space on daily basis using available software(s)
  15. Make necessary recommendations for improvement
  16. Provide capacity building for FMOH IT staff on network and server admin.
  17. Any other tasks as needed.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Qualification :

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or similar relevant, and advanced degree will be preferable.

Skills and Experience :

  • Advanced scripting skills using Bash and Python
  • Previous working experience as a Linux Administrator for 3+ years in depth knowledge of Ubuntu Server 18.04/20.04
  • In depth knowledge of containers (focused on LXC, but docker knowledge will be considered also)
  • Hands on experience with PostgreSQL (focused on taking backups, restoring, monitoring)
  • Hands on experience with Java JVM (monitoring)
  • Strong problem solving and communication skills
  • Fluent in English to a professional level (written and oral)



Job & Other Relations :

Internal  Job Relations :

  1. FMOH- IT unit
  2. FMOH- DHIS2 unit
  3. FMOH-Statistic unit

External  Job Relations :

  1. Global Fund- Project Management Unit
  2. National Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF)
  3. National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)
  4. National Information Center (NIC)



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