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Geographical Information System(GIS)and Knowledge managment Specialist
World Vision International



 Section/Unit: WASH
 Grade Level: 15
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 15 Jan 2022


PURPOSE OF POSITION      To lead and establish a GIS system for World Vision Sudan (WVS) WASH Program, build staff capacity in collecting GIS data as well as building and updating the Organizations’ geodatabases. The Officer publishes Programmes’ and Projects’ areas atlases that present comprehensive view of natural conditions and socio economic activities as well as implement World Vision Sudan’s Web/Internet based GIS for access by all the stakeholders and donors, including mapping of the WASH universal coverage areas. The specialist will also support M&E activities for the WASH program and by extension, other sectors in collaboration with the MEAL Manager

 Duties and responsibilities:

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


GIS Development and Compliance:

  • Develop/rollout GIS system and databases for all World Vision Sudan (WVS) WASH Program and offer  programmatic support to other sectors on need basis.
  • Participate in development of WASH GIS monitoring tools and incorporate spatial analysis into the methodologies so that change can be visualized spatially
  • Develop specifications for additional GIS and GPS related hardware and software
  • Produce maps and data for Programs and Projects especially for the WASH universal coverage program areas. This includes mapping of all water and sanitation facilities/infrastructure
  • Design and update WASH GIS database, applying additional knowledge of spatial feature representations.
  • Coordinate GIS databases maintenance as per international standards
  • Ensure that GIS business processes, standards and policies are effectively and consistently used by WASH staff.
  • Simplified systems in place for use in GIS mapping and data visualization
  • Uptake of GIS programming
  • GIS monitoring tools developed for use
  • Appropriate GIS software’s and equipment’s available for use in GIS mapping and data analysis
  • Up to date GIS maps and information regarding Programmes and Projects
  • Up to data Geodatabase for data retrieval and use
  • GIS Standards, policies and business processes followed by all staff


GIS Data Collection, Analysis, Management and Reporting


  • Field visits to monitor WASH GIS operationalization in programs/projects
  • Coordination of collection and validation of WASH GIS data on SDG6
  • Conduct research to locate and obtain existing databases.
  • Analyze spatial data for geographic statistics to incorporate into WASH documents and national level reports.
  • Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including customer surveys, field Observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps.
  • Prepare, update, and distribute GIS maps and new information within the organization
  • Prepare and provide GIS reports which are evidence-based, based on the data collected from the project areas and share with the programs and staff for sharing with the stakeholders in a simple maps depicting change/impact
  • Maintain inventory of system maps as related to GIS (converts from CAD when necessary)



  • Up to date GIS Operations in the Programmes
  • Relevant and up to data Geodatabases in use
  • Up to date analyzed and usable data in relevant information repository and shared with relevant staff.
  • Up to date Geodatabases for data retrieval and use
  • Up to date GIS maps and information regarding Programmes and Projects locations
  • Analyzed GIS data and Reports produced and shared with relevant stakeholders in time
  • Up to date inventory of maps in WVK approved repository for utilization




Capacity Building (10%)


  • Keep current with new GIS and GPS information and technology (updates the systems)
  • Prepare training materials and make presentations to World Vision Sudan Staff and partners
  • Guide GIS system users in creating requirements for GIS Software
  • Writes documentation to support software
  • Train National Office and Field staff on emerging systems in GIS and support their operationalization.
  • Regular training/induction on emerging trends in GIS for self and WVS staff.
  • 100% of the Programmes and Projects inducted on GIS and GPS information and it’s role in the organization
  • GIS system improvements and License/ user rights provisioning as requested by users.

DME implementation


  • Support multi-sector projects assessments, Planning, management of assessment processes, analyze and interpret assessment findings  in coordination with MEAL Manager
  • Support planning for baseline surveys and evaluations, recruiting and managing consultants, developing or adapting measurement tools, managing data collection (Where evaluation is done internally), analyzing and interpreting data and utilizing findings in accordance with LEAP and accountability standards 
  • Review and coordinate, monitoring data from WASH (Business plans /ITT) quarterly,    regularly in order to ensure its appropriateness and utilization in measuring progress towards the achievement of project objectives.
  • Coordinate  the development of  tools and Set up the WASH monitoring system, SDG universal coverage tools , facilitating  use of the monitoring system to facilitate learning and better practice in monitoring WASH projects.
  • Support the successful roll out and implementation of WASH DME related initiatives such as M-Water
  • Conduct  and coordinate field monitoring visits to ensure progress tracking for SDG universal coverage Villages and Ward Approaches
  • Quality baseline surveys, mid/end evaluations and needs assessments for multisector projects
  • DM&E component within WASH  well aligned to LEAP standards and SDG Indicators
  • WASH monitoring tools utilized by program teams  and those implementing SDG universal coverage ( village and locality) approaches
  • Monitoring of WASH projects using the set standards and tools.
  • Monitoring reports
  • Implementation of new initiatives in WASH such as Horizon WASH  for project effectiveness and efficiency

Programmatic and strategic support for WASH program and other multisector projects


  • Provide support and participate in project design or re-design and in the production of well-designed WASH projects that are aligned with donor guidelines, standards, WV standards and WASH programming strategies, Universal coverage standards (SDG) and GoS guidelines while corresponding to community needs and contexts.
  • Provide coordination and support in the maintenance of a comprehensive and updated data base for all WASH Projects and SDG universal coverage leaving no one behind on Arch GIS.
  • Support development of work plans and budgets for WASH projects.
  • Support MEAL needs for multisector projects in collaboration with the MEAL manager


  • Well-designed multisector projects that are LEAP aligned
  • Effective monitoring of implementation of the country Strategy
  • Updated and comprehensive data available for all WASH projects
  • Updated of WASH projects key progress indicators at National Level.
  • Update SDG indicators tracking updated for states implementing Universal Coverage
  • Quarterly update of WASH projects indicator tracking for all  WASH projects  and National WASH program

Reporting and documentation






  • Coordinate  tracking for key WASH indicators of strategic relevance from secondary and primary data, with partners and communities
  • Consolidate and analyze field data to contribute towards the WASH quarterly. Semi and annual reports.
  • Ensure continuous learning and documentation of lessons learnt and best practices for program design, monitoring and evaluation frameworks related to WASH projects.
  • Coordinate research and document the SDG Villages and SDG localities approaches for further rollout.
  • Coordinate the baseline and End-line Evaluation for SDG Villages and SDG locality approaches  for further rollout.
  • Work with the National, regional and project staff to ensure timely and quality reports are developed and disseminated to donors, Support Offices and partnerships
  • Review of reports and ensure alignment with LEAP and donor standards and are timely submitted
  • Provide technical support to ensure that the report findings inform the basis of subsequent programme design and Coordinate project reflection and learning to ensure achievement of project objectives.
  • WASH projects reporting achieved through reliable and validated data sources.
  • Program design process remains privy to documented evidence and learning for WASH projects.
  • SDG universal coverage progress reports
  • WASH  Reports aligned to LEAP and Donor requirements and timely submitted



  • Support fundraising teams during proposal development upon their request in relation to GIS initiatives
  • Any other assignments as may be delegated by line manager
  • All proposal include a customized GIS map of the project geographical context as agreed.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and











  1. Bachelor's degree in Geomatics/ Geospatial Engineering, Geographical information systems, Geography or Environmental studies, Water/ Environmental Engineering or a related course with post graduate training in GIS.


  1. At least 5 years’ experience in conceptualization and preparation of maps and other cartographic products using ArcGIS systems with a working knowledge of the latest version of the software, i.e., ArcGIS 10;


  1. Specialist skills in WASH programing, statistical Analysis and Data base programing is an added advantage.


  1. Post graduate M&E course certification and at least 2 years professional experience in Project/ Programme design implementation, M&E and learning cycles.
  2. Geomatics Engineering, Environmental studies or Geographical Information System
  3. Analytical skills for GIS data
  4. GIS data visualization skills preferably Tableau, Power BI or any other emerging applications
  5. Geodatabase development and management
  6. Self-driven and passionate
  7. Ability to work under tight schedules and with highly competing priorities.
  8. Ability to work with minimum supervision.
  9. Good presentation skills
  10. Good communication skills (in English)


Required professional experience




  • Must demonstrate ability to design methodologies for collecting GIS data, manage spatial datasets, and maintain the strictest confidentiality of sensitive data, while ensuring protocols for usage and licensing of procured GIS datasets/softwares are carefully followed;
  • Experience in concepts/proposal development for GIS related initiatives will be an added advantage
  • Demonstrate ability to use open source GIS software for data Analysis and presentation
  • Experience in development and deployment of GIS mobile to web data collection tools.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience with regards to the designing, planning, implementation, supervising and reporting on integrated development, relief and/or advocacy projects;
  • They must have both an extensive conceptual understanding of and demonstrated practical command for implementing program design, management and evaluation principals:
  • Must have some experience in organizational learning and documentation and have good writing and editing skills.
  • Evidence of research and presentation in conferences
  • Experience in working on donor funded programs
  • Experience on SPSS or other related statistical software packages.



Work Environment:

Include travel & work environment details.

Complete Travel and/or Work Environment statements if applicable.

  • Office based environment with frequent travel to the field;
  • Travel required: up to 40 % domestic travel and occasional international travel
  • Available to represent WVS at critical functions and moments as needed;
  • Available to serve on WVS Senior Management and other teams and working groups as required.



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