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Technical Support Coordinator

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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 Supervisor: the Director/Head of the project
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 22 Jan 2022


The GIZ Project
“Support to the Stabilization Process in Sudan (SSPS)”
develoPPP project between Siemens AG and GIZ
“Capacitating Sudanese technicians and engineers in the growing energy sector”
is looking for
a qualified project person based in Khartoum to fill the following position:
“Technical Support Coordinator (TSC)”
Scope of Project
The project "Support to the Stabilization Process in Sudan" is a new project within the framework of the Federal Republic of Germany's commitment. The objective is to support the transitional Government in stabilizing Sudan.
A significant challenge of the transitional government is to stabilize the country economically and to provide basic state services to the population reliably. Sudan ranks 170th out of 189 on the United Nations Human Development Index, and the socio-economic fundamentals are accordingly poor. The lack of basic services or the inadequacy of the capacity of the state administration weakens the confidence of the population. The expectation of the population that the conditions of living in the short term will improve appreciably in the short term through targeted measures by the transitional government is very high.
There is, therefore, a need for rapid actions to ensure a peaceful transition process. In this context, three main areas of activity, with the Sudanese partners, were identified together, where there is a high need and where rapid support is explicitly desired are namely: 1. the energy sector, 2. public finances, 3. secure IT infrastructures. A large part of the capacity-building support is intended to benefit the providers of change processes (change agents) in state institutions and other stakeholders in order to support their commitment to the positive change processes. By providing knowledge and capacity the project will contribute to stabilization and peace in Sudan. The interventions will result in enhanced capacity and performance of the transitional Government and primary stakeholders in the areas of energy, public finances, and IT infrastructure.
Siemens AG and GIZ are working together within the framework of the develoPPP funding programme, which GIZ implements on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The development partnership aims to ensure that Sudanese technicians and engineers are practically trained for the operation and maintenance of power plant equipment in the fields of renewable and conventional energy.
Through this initiative, the skills gap in the energy sector will be decreased. The initiative aims to capacitate Sudanese specialists in this sector with a simultaneous increase of technical knowledge combined with increasing their employability. A specific “train the trainer concept” shall ensure a transfer of technical knowledge and the sustainability of the project
As the two projects will be implementing different trainings and knowledge transfer workshops and events in the energy sector, this will require a professional technical coordinator to initiate the trainings and follow up on them while ensuring the agreed project targets are achieved.


 Duties and responsibilities:

A. Responsibilities

The Technical Support Coordinator is responsible for
▪ implementing daily operational aspects of all issues related to the project training component
▪ Follow ups on the training’s implementation and documentation
▪ Ensuring the technical aspects of the training are as preserved in the project and in accordance with the specified quality standards
▪ maintaining of a good flow of communication and information between all involved institutions and counterparts and GIZ and ensuring commitments of all parties are implemented
▪ ensuring that the project training components runs smoothly
▪ ensuring relevant reports and reportings are formulated and completed.
▪ Customs declarations and clearance
▪ Support and informing the status of procurement of goods and services and customs matters and clearance.
The Technical Support Coordinator performs the following tasks:
B. Tasks
1. Management and coordination
The Technical Support Coordinator
▪ coordinates and assists in preparing and conducting project activities training components and carries out other activities required for implementing these components
▪ advising on expenses for project training activities in accordance with the prevailing provisions.
▪ assists the project with all organisational and management issues related to training
▪ regularly consults with the GIZ officer responsible for the contract and cooperation on all project activities
▪ helps identify the training needs of relevant government institutions and the private sector
▪ participates in formulating project training action plans and follow up on implementation.
▪ is jointly responsible with the partner institution for preparing, implementing and documenting training events, workshops, forums, team meetings and other project training activities
▪ Identify the need, content and scope for short-term assignments / consultancies / local subsidies / financing agreements and others.
2. Communication and networking
The Technical Support Coordinator:
▪ develops and maintains contact with all important stakeholders
▪ Drafts initial workshop brief to be shared with different media affiliates.
▪ ensures knowledge management collects, processes and distributes relevant information, monitors communication and interaction between relevant government institutions, private sector and others through analyses of the media, direct dialogue, participation in meetings and seminars etc.
3. Data collection, Research and Knowledge management
The Technical Support Coordinator
▪ in consultation with the manager or expert, prepares and carries out qualitative research by developing survey instruments and other tools to collect data on the training feedback.
▪ Drafts progress reports on the training
▪ establishes a project database of the trainees and trainings
▪ assists in communicating, updating and collecting information on the trainings
▪ assembles data on different trainings conducted and by whom and keeps an inventory list
▪ organises and updates project/programme documentation, the filing systems and the project/programme library pertaining to training.
4. Support Administration
The Technical Support Coordinator
▪ assists in processing customs declaration procedures (duty-free import of goods, entering information in customs declaration database, producing statistics)
▪ assists with checking ship or air consignments and assists with monitoring clearing of goods
▪ prepares and submits all necessary papers for duty-free import of goods and monitors and controls deliveries by ship and air and monitors release of goods and further processing
▪ uses external service providers to complete customs declarations procedures and vehicle registrations and supervises them
▪ prepares hand over documents of goods to partners as per GIZ regulation
▪ supports arranges accommodation for arriving visitors, short-term and long-term experts
▪ assists short-term experts with logistical problems (e.g. transport services) during their assignment
5. Reporting
The Technical Support Coordinator
• supports joint technical and financial reporting (progress reports and final report and own input sheets) and the private partners.
• supports coordinates the midterm-review (MTR) of the project as well as related follow up activities as recommended in the MTR.
• upon completion of the project, supports the preparation a final project report as per templates.
6. Other duties/additional tasks
The Technical Support Coordinator
▪ obtains quotes for materials and services
▪ prepares requests for goods, services and materials as per GIZ guideless
▪ supports purchasing materials and equipment for the GIZ office and GIZ-assisted projects/programmes in accordance with GIZ rules and conditions
▪ performs other duties and tasks at the request of management
• ensures record of evidence on compliance with the project results for use of external evaluators exits.
• If the project is chosen for a final in-situ evaluation, provides preparation and support for the evaluation.

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

C. Required qualifications, competences and experience
▪ Technical degree or University degree in an area that is related to development, energy sector or vocational training skills development or other similar fields.
Professional experience
▪ At least 7 years’ professional experience working with international organization of international companies.
▪ At least 5 years’ professional experience in organizing trainings and events
▪ At least 3 years’ Experience in setting up vocational trainings
▪ At least 3 years’ Experience in working with different training centres
▪ Training of Trainers certification from outside Sudan in any field is advantageous
▪ Knowledge of project planning and preparation is advantages.
Other knowledge, additional competences
▪ good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
▪ strong managerial and organisational competence
▪ very good knowledge of the English, ideally a knowledge of German is advantageous.
We actively encourage applications from women and people with disabilities.
▪ willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management


Please submit the following documents in soft copy:

  1. In English (Max 1.5 Pages, Arial font size14): Motivation letter among others, include Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this post and what you can bring to the project.
  2. In English (Max 1.0 Pages, Arial font size14): List at least 3 attributes of effective training progrms and expand on one of them why you think it is important.
  3. In Arabic (Max 1.0 Pages, Arial font size14): List at least 3 challenges Sudan faces in the area of energy and expand on one mentioning impact.
  4. In Arabic or in German (Max 1.0 Pages, Arial font size14): List at least 3 trainings activities you were involved with in your jobs and mention what was your role.
  5. Expected monthly salary mention in the body of the email
Please adhere to the above requirements
Make one collective document of all of the above documents and upload it as PDF into the Sudan job web site.with the Certificates.
And send a copy of all your documents electronically to Email: SSPSinfo@giz.de ; and giz-recruitment-sudan@giz.de ;
Additional documents or tests may be requested at a later date.
NB shortlisted applicants will be subjected to a written assessment for a further selection

Please submit the following documents through Sudanjob.net in soft copy:

  • In English CV
  • Motivation letter




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