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Roving Procurement Officer
CARE International in Sudan

CARE Internationl is an organization driven by its mission to overcome poverty and social injustice. CARE International  in Sudan is part of CARE International, whose vision is to seek a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.  We are known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people. CARE and partners contribute to the empowerment of the most marginalized and vulnerable rural women and girls to exercise their rights.


Photo: Youth training session in Kass, South Darfur @CARE

 Section/Unit: Operations department
 Supervisor: Supply Chain Manager (SCM)
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 08 Dec 2021


Job Summary:

The Roving Procurement Officer (RPO) is responsible for the implementation of the procurement policies and procedures in line with donor requirements mainly focusing for emergency responses. S/he is responsible for ensuring timely respond to procurement requests, and the provision of adequate support to all programs and program support activities, for HQ and field offices operations. The RPO is responsible to provide guidance, advices and training when needed to the field offices Procurement Officers and/or Assistant, S/He will also be responsible for the revision of all procurement documents from the field offices that are send from the field offices and/or handled by the HQ, on behalf of the field offices.  


 Duties and responsibilities:


Responsibilities / Percentage of time


  1. Ensure procurement Policies and donor requirements, regulations and procedures are in place and followed

Ensure procurement Policies and donor requirements, regulations and procedures are in place and followed



Ensure that the procurement policy is in place, and accessible for others in HQ Khartoum and updated whenever needed.

Ensure that donor policies and requirements for procurement, if available, are in place for each donor.

Ensure all procurement activities are compliant with donor and CIS policies and regulations.

Ensure all procurement documents and processes are properly approved as per the AVL and ASF

  1. Procurement Services  


Procurement Services: 


Ensure best practices are followed in all levels of procurement process.

Working with the procurement committee to ensure that the Vender List is properly documented and all the supporting documents are available and updated when required.

Ensure that all procurement requests are timely processed and materials are procured as per procurement policy and distributed in an appropriate and timely manner.

  • Prepare and share a weekly procurement status report as required by the procurement policy.
  • Prepare PO as per the office needs.
  • Ensure procurement documents are appropriately approved as per the ASF.
  • Monitor the venders’ performance and maintain reporting tools on venders’ performance on quarterly basis.
  1. Help other program/support staff in better preparing and dealing with procurement format.
  2. Ensure sole source procurements are properly approved, and documented.
  3. Prepare SBAs when applicable
  1. Maintain and Monitor lease agreements of Head/Sub/Field Offices, Guest houses, Warehouses and international staffs’ residences.


Maintain and Monitor lease agreements of Head/Sub/Field Offices, Guest houses, Warehouses and international staffs’ residences.        




Prepare lease agreements for HQ in Khartoum, Sub offices, and Field offices.

Maintain lease agreements data base, share with direct supervisor, and provide lease agreement status report when required.

Monitor lease agreements’ expiry dates and provide information to HQ, Sub Offices and field offices, administration units for appropriate actions.

Follow up and maintain lease agreement termination process, extensions and renewals as requested.

Handle and follow up payment requests for lease agreement in HQ, and other sub offices that paying at HQ level.

  1. Maintain and Monitor Consultant contract and payment


Maintain and Monitor Consultant contract and payment,


Ensure policies are followed for hiring of local consultant, in Khartoum and field offices.

Provide support to program staffs, when required, for consultants hiring/selection according to the policies and procedures.

Maintain and follow consultants’ payments.

  1. Documentation, reporting and filing.  


Documentation, reporting and filing:

Maintain proper filing of all PRs, POs and purchase related documents.

Maintain proper filing of all lease agreements for Khartoum and field offices.

Maintain proper filing for consultancy contracts and documentation.

Compile all procurement plans received from departments/projects/field offices.

Maintain procurement forecast report.

Ensure copy of the ASF and ASL are available in the procurement Department.

Maintain and implement Procurement filing system, ensuring easy access to all procurement related documents.

Ensure copies of the Procurement staffs JDs are available in the procurement files.

Ensure copy of the Care Code of Conduct copies, signed by procurement staffs are available in the procurement files.

Ensure all procurement related documents are

  1. Training and support

Training and support


Identify procurement training needs for the HQ, Sub offices, and field offices.

Coordinate through the Admin manager for the provision of training and orientation, for CIS employees on the procurement policies and procedures.

Provide procurement support to Khartoum and field offices as appropriate.

  1. Ensure day-to-day support is adequately provided to requesters.
  2. Analyze procurement services, in terms of served, items, timing … etc and provide proper reports.
  3. As part of the Administration Department support and participate in Budget Preparation

7. Any other assignment

a) Perform any other assignment as required by the Administration Dept. or Mission Management, related to the job described above


III. Authority:

Directly reports to Administration Manager.

Mange budget responsibility: NA.


IV. Contacts and Key Relationships:

Internal: Administration dept. of Head/Sub/ Field Offices and other departments of program

And program support

External: Government officials, Customs officers, Land lords, Service providers, Vendors, etc.

Directly reports to Administration Manager.


V. Working Conditions:

The position is based in Khartoum and requires travel to other Offices of CIS.



 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • Education: Bsc in Economics or at least 5 years experience in similar position in an International organization, along with a university degree in relevant field
  • Experience:1 year experience along with the qualification certificate.
  • Language: Excellent communication in Arabic and Fluent in English
  • Computer: Word processing, Spreadsheet, and familiarity with internet are essential
  • Ability to work under pressure, and for long working hours.
  • Cross cultural sensitivity, adaptable and flexible.
  • Good team player.
  • Ability to learn and teach others
  • Good report writing skills


Note: The Job Description is subject to changes and modifications after periodic review and job evaluation.






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