Adeela - عديلة


Adeela for culture and arts is a socio-culture project that aims to build hope, inspire people, and transform how young Sudanese view themselves and their country. It focuses on different topics related to social peace, justice, equality, and human rights in our country and opens discussions with the new generation. The Adeela project works to promote and inspire new young leaders, encouraging them to actively and positively engage with different issues around them. Immigration is a simple outlet and escape for Sudanese youth, rather than ignoring that Adeela will help inspire and build a culture of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

ADEELA believes that the best way to overcome social problems is to uncover them, in a very attractive and unfamiliar way that helps Sudanese youth view things from a different perspective, in a way that sparks the discussion on these issues and carefully creates an open-minded room for dialogue, paving the way to find solutions for a better tomorrow that we all seek to see in our nation.

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