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Relief International (RI) is an international non-governmental organization US and UK based, working in the humanitarian field since 2004 in Sudan, providing emergency relief and early recovery activities to internally displaced persons (IDP) and rural communities, focusing in lifesaving health and nutrition services. RI is looking for qualified candidates to fill the vacancies mentioned herewith

 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 15 August 2020


ANNEX 1: Scope of Work





Relief International specializes in relief and development programs that benefit people in acute distress. A registered non-profit in the US, UK, France and Belgium, our work targets those fragile countries or communities that suffer fromrecurrent man-made or natural crises that impede human development. The people we serve live in seventeen countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where the debilitating effects of political instability, forced displacement, and natural disasters are pervasive. Often, RI is the only organization providing healthcare, education, logistics, energy, capacity building, economic development, sanitation, and many other forms of assistance to these highly vulnerable communities.


RI’s Head Office:

Our head office is referred to as a Global Support Office (GSO) and comprises a team which operates out of five office locations: Los Angeles, Washington D.C, London, France and Belgium. This geographical mix fosters collaborationand maximizes the resources we are able to deploy for the delivery of services inthe countries where we operate.



We operate in the following countries: Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan. Due to the complexities of the countries we work in, these changefromtime to time – please visit ourwebsite

Since 2004, RI has been providing relief and humanitarian services in Sudan. All programming is designed with the aim of building long-term local capacity to endure services and care continue beyond the lifetime of the project. Past and present projects have focused on emergency relief and early recovery in vulnerable internally displaced persons (IDP) camps and neighboring host communities.  



Following an assessment of RI practice in 2018, a Staff Care Policy was launched in 2019 and a global Staff Care team was formed.  This team was charged with:  developing and implementing a 2 year Staff Care Plan to deliver on the commitments set out in the Policy; and delivering foundational Stress Management/Self Care workshops to staff across all our programming countries.The main gap in our current Staff Care approach is that, while GSO staff and international staff can access psychological support services via an external EAP (Employee Assistance Program) no such resource is available to local national staff. We need to address this, since one of the commitments in the Staff Care Policy is to provide staff in all of our programming countries with access to professional psychosocial support and counselling when needed.

 Duties and responsibilities:


For the reasons set out above, RI is now seeking to engage professional providers of psychosocial support services with whom we can establish a formal and long-term relationship. Our aim is to strengthen organizational and individual resilience and to better support our staff who work in challenging roles and often in fragile settings.  We wish to establish relationships with providers who are based in Sudan RI operation Areas.

Please note, this procurement process is taking place in the context of theCOVID-19 pandemic, therefore all services will need to be provided remotely for the foreseeable future.

The services we wish to commission would consist of:

  1. An ‘Introductory Webinar’  by the potential provider for RI staff (not more than 1-2 hours in length) to explain who they are, how they will work with employees, what kind of counselling support they can offer and so on, in order to build rapport with the team, even if at a distance, and to gain their trust.  In areas where there are very large numbers of staff, the webinar may need to be run twice.
  2. An on-call service to provide remote crisis counselling for local national staff who have suffered some personal trauma or challenge, whether this is related to their home life or working life. We would expect 1-3 counselling sessions to be standard, based on clinical need.  In cases of significant trauma, if the therapist deems that further sessions are essential, this would need to be approved case-by-case, in advance, by GSO.  While it is difficult to predict the number of staff who might access remote counselling, a working assumption is that this could be between 3% to 5% of staff in any given country (during the current pandemic, for example, there is likely to be higher uptake of counselling services).


Providers are requested to quote costs for:

  • 1-3 sessions per individual employee
  • A package of sessions that could be drawn upon by several staff members (e.g. 20; 30; 40 sessions over 6 months)


Also, in the case of a traumatic event affecting a group of staff, we require costs for:

  • A one day visit to a program location where the risk of burn-out is high, to deliver group support (e.g. resilience building; or coaching on working in high stress environments).  This would be relevant in, for example, the early phases of a humanitarian emergency.

A longer visit - e.g. 2-3 days - to a program location when there has been a significant traumatic event affecting a large group of staff. The purpose would be to provide relevant interventions such as psychological team debriefings;  one-to-one trauma counselling; resilience and recovery workshops and so on

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • The relevant professional qualifications and experience, as well as evidence of good standing.
  • Experience of a full range of psychosocial support services including: critical incident response; trauma recovery; resilience building; working with survivors of SEA; and in-person crisis and supportive counselling more generally.
  • An understanding of the culture and context in which our staff work.
  • Willingness to travel on occasion to remote locations and fragile settings.
  • Have demonstrated experience providing similar services to INGOs in Sudan, and particularly North Darfur and Blue Nile states.
  • Fluency in the relevant languages(Arabic & English)



RI operates a formal Procurement Policy, therefore in seeking providers of psychosocial support services for our country program staff, we will be required in all cases to obtain competitive quotes and assess the costs/benefits of each of those.


RI is soliciting information and pricing from responsible and qualified suppliers. Any offer which doesn't comply with the following RFQ requirements will be automatically considered as not valid and deleted from the bidding process.


  1. Provide a proposal and price quotes as detailed inAnnex 1. Responses to RFQ will be submitted via email with - the subject of the email.psychosocial support services Quotation


  1. Attn:                      Receiving Officer
  2. Email Address:


  1. Closing date: 15 August 2020 @ 1700 Hrs. Local time in Khartoum, Sudan. Validity of offer: 60 Days


  1. If RFQ specifications require further clarification, they may be sought prior to 15 August 2020 at 12:00 Hrs. Khartoum time through Email support services Quotation. &EKKO-SUBMI&When requesting clarifications, no reference to prices shall be made. RI is not bound or obliged to respond to queries made after the above date.


  1. Offers must include: the name, address, telephone and e-mail of the bidder and the name/title of the contact person. Results of the RFQ will not be made public.

General Conditions:


  1. Changes from specifications

The specifications are defined in the "Scope of Work (SOW)" attached in Annex 1.Alternatives to requested specifications may be considered. Wherever alternatives are offered, it is the Bidders responsibility to provide full descriptive specifications and documentation of such items.


  1. Payment

RI payment terms which is 30 days upon receipt of invoice and shipping documents. Each Invoice must contain detailed banking instructions. RI will not accept invoices from or instructions to make payment to third parties.


  1. Adjudication

Evaluation to be made on the basis of lowest price, most technically acceptable.  Note that this RFQ contains no contractual offer of any kind.  Any offer submitted will be regarded solely as an offer, and does not commit RI to consider any offer or award a contract through a Purchase Order. Furthermore, RI reserves the right to accept all, or part of any Offer.


  1. Currency of the tender

Offers are accepted in USD. Bids received in any other currency will be deleted from the selection process.


Instructions to service providers on how to fill the below table:

Carefully read the attached Scope of Work to understand the requirements.

Then, please fill the below table with the following price information. All prices must be quoted in USD.

1. Cost for one session or ‘Introductory Webinar’ of not more than 1-2 hours in length
2. Cost for the package number of counselling sessions to be provided on-call service and remotely
3. Cost for a one day visit to a program location to deliver group support (in case of a traumatic event)
4. Cost for a 3 day intervention for psychological debriefings;  one-to-one trauma counselling; resilience and recovery workshops to a program location (in case of significant traumatic event)

Expected maximum number of staff for a group sessions

Package offer for a group sessions  (please indicate price for a group session)

Price for any additional session (please indicate price for asession with an individual staff)

Price for one Introductory Webinar to all staff

Price for a one day visit to a program location (South  Sudan, Sudan, Somalia)

Price for a 3 day intervention









Signature of Supplier representative                                                                                                      Official Stamp of Supplier.

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