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HR and Organizational Needs and Training Consultancy for the Ministry of Justice
DT Global
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: Approximately Two (02) Months
 Closing Date: 31 May 2020


To facilitate progress towards critical reforms during Sudan’s transition, DT Global Inc. is implementing the United States Agency for International Development/Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID/OTI)-funded Transition to New Sudan (TNS) Program, which supports the consolidation of Sudan’s democratic transformation through the following objectives: 

1.      Enabling the government to demonstrate progress in implementing key transition processes;

2.      Reinforcing civic engagement required to implement key transition processes; and, 

3.      Assisting in the expansion of independent media that serves as a platform to implement key transition processes.

As the transition gets underway, there are multiple significant issues to track and address, including both resourcing and building the capacity of the transitional government to perform and demonstrate progress towards a fully democratic transition. With changes in staffing, structure, order and talent, many institutions lack both the infrastructure and skills to effectively run public institutions. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has communicated to USAID/OTI the need to build its operational and technical capacity in different areas for its workforce of 1200 throughout Sudan. The main departments of MOJ are: Human Rights; International law and Treaties; Contracts; Legislation; Constitution; Legal Aid; and Intellectual Property. In addition, the MOJ oversees other independent agencies such as the Company Registrar General.


To this end, the USAID/OTI Transition to New Sudan Program (TNS) seeks to help the MOJ assess its current skill gaps and training needs, in addition to designing a training plan and curriculum specifying the content, tentative schedule, and staff that should receive participate in the different trainings. The MOJ anticipates some of the training needs to include basic writing and communications skills, drafting and negotiation skills, as well technical training on specific subjects of interest to the MOJ. The selected consultant must be knowledgeable of the Sudanese context and have the knowledge, skill, language abilities, and acumen to be able to independently navigate national level institutions. The Consultant must plan to provide this support considering all necessary measures that minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. 

 Duties and responsibilities:

Tasks & Deliverables

Task 1: Assessment on MOJ organizational needs

The Consultant will need to meet with MOJ leadership to understand the following:

  • where the organization intends to go in its form of operation and functionality,
  • understand their working structure, human and infrastructural resource capacities and skill gaps.


In parallel with these consultations, the Consultant shall:

  • Assess the MOJ’s staffing structure
  • By team/office within the MOJ, determine what are the existing skills and the skill gaps that must be addressed to improve the functionality of that specific office. 


Task 1 Deliverable:

  • Report detailing existing human resources capacities and skill gaps, organized by MOJ office/team. The report should include both a
    • current status benchmarking analysis, and
    • a gap and future opportunity analysis.


Develop a Training Plan and Curriculum

Based on the result of the assessment, the Consultant will develop a training plan and curriculum to build the capacity of the human resources of the MOJ. To this end, the subcontractor should

  • identify what type of training should be provided for the MOJ staff at large,
  • identify specific training for specific offices/teams within the MOJ to create a tailored curriculum,

The proposed training plan must account for intentional redundancies in staff, sequencing, minimizing disruption to MOJ’s day to day operations, and necessary overlap between different teams/offices.

The training plan should be developed with the MJ’s current infrastructure in mind.

An additional element of the plan is to develop a realistic contingency for remote training elements where possible should COVID-19 limitations on movement, or the emergence of others, be extended.



  • Training plan and curriculum.

Note – The consultant will not be responsible for implementing the training.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • A Masters degree in a relevant field, preferably management, business or public administration, human resources or human capital development, or project management;,
  • 10 years of experience, including four years in Sudan.
  • Fluency in English and Arabic
  • Proven experience in organizational and personnel needs assessments
  • Strong understanding of Human Resources in national institutions
  • Proven experience in developing comprehensive training programs for large institutions
  • Program management experience;
  • A demonstrated understanding of organizational structure in public institutions, particularly in the Sudanese context.
  • Excellent organizational skills, time management, teamwork and able to operate collaboratively across organizational boundaries.


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