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Supply Chain Section Head
Federal ministry of health
 Salary: 2,349.07 USD - The Salary will be paid in SDG as at the offical exchange rates
 Section/Unit: Health Commodities Supply Chain
 Grade Level: G2-A
 Supervisor: Program Manager
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: 1 year
 Closing Date: 12 Dec 2019


Sudan Fedral Ministry of Health (FMOH) is a key partner to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). FMoH assumed the role of the Principal recipient of GFATM grants in Sudan, namely Health System strengthening grant since 2015. This role was further extended to include both Malaria and Health Systems Strengthening grants for the period 2018-2020. In its role as the principal recipient, FMoH ensures quality financial management, timely procurement of supplies and services delivery as well as efficient monitoring and evaluation of grant implementation activities. A dedicated Project Management Unit (GF-PMN) is and will managing the GFATM grants (2015-2017 & 2018 - 2020) with an approved budget of over US$ 120 Million. The Unit provides quality assurance and oversight, guidance to routine management of (GF-PMN) Program funded by the Global Fund. The overall goal of the project is to prevent deaths caused by diseases, reduce the burden of HIV and Tuberculosis, interrupt transmission of HIV/Aids, reduce morbidity, and to contain and prevent Malaria outbreaks, as well as to strengthen the Health System.   

 Duties and responsibilities:

Job Purpose/ Summary :

 Provides Technical support and strategic directions for scaling up and strengthening Malaria and RSSH Supply Chain Management interventions.  Supervises the entire process in the planning of supply chain activities, inventory control, logistics and distribution, ensuring effectively-functioning processes to avoid costly delays and lost opportunities and ensures effective timely delivery of health commodities  and services for the GFATM Program, and takes a supervisory role in executing effective and efficient supply chain services in GFATM, ensuring values and competencies in maintaining value for money and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of complex issues related to supply chain activities.

Duties & Responsibilities


  1. Provide technical support and strategic directions for scaling up and strengthening interventions;


  • Ensures adequate integration of supply chain management activities into grant design, planning and implementation;
  • Timely develop and manage the PSM plan, list of products and Quality Assurance Plan for the Malaria and RSSH grant.
  • Actively participate in the meetings of the national malaria technical working group and being involved in the quantification of heath commodities and the elaboration of the report and the supply plan.
  • Actively participate and contribute to the development of work plan, budgets for the Malaria and RSSH grant ensuring adequate quantification and forecasting for pharmaceutical and other health commodities including all costs related to the SCM activities.
  • Actively contribute to the development of the annual PSCM’s M&E/supervision plan and conduct regular monitoring and evaluation visits to health facilities, warehouses and all relevant SCM outlets to oversee SCM activities related to Malaria and RSSH grant.
  • Provide technical assistance to the grant in the development of reporting tools related to the SCM activities including Logistic Management Information System and ensure its correlation with the Health Management Information Systems.
  • Ensures and oversees the implementation of both the manual and electronic logistics and  management information system (e-LMIS) for Supply Chain Management activities;
  • Provide technical support to relevant grant section on the development of SCM components of the PUDR and further discussion and clarification to the SCM actions raised in the Global Fund Management letters.
  • Provides periodic and systematic information to the PMU as related to the supply chain and status of critical commodities of GFATM for timely and informed decision making to prevent stock-out and expiries of health commodities
  • Oversees the supply chain: correct receiving, dispatch, storage and inventory procedures;
  • Oversees the correctness and accuracy of the data in the warehouse inventory system;
  • Installs controls for proper tracking of health commodities during transport and handling of goods at final destination.


2. Strengthen supply chain management interventions in Sudan through technical support to SCM implementing units and partners.


  • Manage and technically supervise agreement with NMSF and NPHL pertaining to the strengthening of  the supply chain management system in Sudan including;  Forecasting and Quantification of Malaria and RSSH commodities, Storage; Distribution from central to state, locality and health facility levels; Stock inventory management, Medical waste management and LMIS.
  • Manage and technically supervise agreement with NMPB, pertaining to implementation of the Quality Assurance plans including all quality assurance interventions, qualification of laboratory services for quality assurance,  rational use of medicines, and pharmacovigilance interventions.
  • Provide technical assistance to Malaria and RSSH grant through continues on job training for health care providers, PSM coordinators and all relevant cadres on SCM for pharmaceutical and other health commodities.


3. Oversee the contract and implementation of the supply chain Management technical assistance provider:

  • Oversees and manages Supply Chain Strengthening Technical Assistance (TA), national and international, in light of their contractual arrangements, responsibility for the strengthening the capacity within the Federal Ministry of Health, the National Medicine Supply Funds, NMSF and implementing units;
  • Lead the management, monitoring and evaluation of the supply chain management TA provider activities on a regular basis, including the quality assurance for each deliverable as per the established contracts;
  • Develop of contract management tool, maintains record of the Supply Chain TA providers deliverables.
  • Maintains an archive regarding the Supply Chain TA provider contracts and activities and keep PMU and Procurement Team is fully informed about the status and outputs.
  • Provide technical assistance and lead the development of TORs for consultants and contractors in areas related to TA for SCM, Quality Assurance plan implementation, LMIS and other SCM issues. 


4. Create partnerships and ensure harmonization of PSM


  • Ensures coordination and operational harmonization and integration of GFATM PSM activities and interventions in Sudan; and work closely with all partners supporting the Supply Chain Management scale-up efforts in the country;
  • Establishes and maintains effective communication channels and ensure sustainable information sharing with implementing units and partners in the implementation of GFATM Supply Chain Management activities;
  • Works closely with the relevant CCM Supply Chain Management taskforce and relevant committees, and prepare regular reports and updates for a better and systematic monitoring and evaluation of the Supply Chain Management activities in Sudan;
  • Works with the donor, global and regional partners on relevant country-related supply chain issues;
  • Ensures a collaborative coordination between the Supply Chain Management section in the PMU and the different grant sections;
  • Ensures the execution of the Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance activities are in line with the Global Fund requirements and UNDP Policy;
  • Implements supply chain management and quality assurance recommendations from internal and external audits and reviews by ensuring timely corrective measures are taken, when necessary.
  • Ensure performance management, knowledge sharing and capacity building


5. Coaches, supervises and gives guidance to the Supply Chain Management staff, including providing expert guidance to the grant sections and other relevant staff with in the PMU;

  • Support the PM and the communication specialist in compiling best practices related to the efforts to strengthen SCM capacity at the country level and ensure that these are disseminated both internally and externally.
  • Develop knowledge products based on lessons learned, experiences and data generated through SCM implementation activities;
  • Undertake any other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Qualification :

Master’s degree in Pharmacitcual Supply Chain Managment , Business Administration, Logistics or any development related field with prior degree in Pharmacy

Experience : 

  • A Minimum of five years of experience in logistics and or supply chain management of pharmaceuticals and health-related commodities.
  • Sound knowledge about Supply Chain Management of pharmaceuticals and health-related commodities and an understanding of national and international mechanisms in place to deal with SCM in developing country context.
  • Understanding and experience in the PSM management tools and mechanisms of GFATM and UNDP is an advantage
  • Relevant experience working with government counterparts;
    Sound knowledge of the UNDP programme and financial procedures is a clear advantage.
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent communication and written communication skills;
    Strong IT skills
  • Ability to work under pressure in order to meet strict deadlines;
  • Ability to travel within Sudan

-Expected deliverables


  • Semester progress report of the PSCM activities
  • Annual quantification report
  • Annual supervision plan


Job & Other Relations :

Internal  Job Relations :

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation section
  2. RSSH section
  3. Malaria Section
  4. Procurement Section
  5. Finance Section
  6. Admin Section 

External  Job Relations


  1. National Medicine Supplies Fund , NMSF
  2. National Medicine Poisons Board, NMPB
  3. Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease Control Department
  4. National Public Health Lab
  5. Integrated Vector Management Department
  6. Customs Authorities.
  7. Ministry of Finance and economic planning.
  8. Other relevant FMOH Department.
  9.   UN Partners UNDP, UNICEF, WHO

Languages Proficiency  Level Required :
























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