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CSR Manager
Morouj Commodities LTD
 Section/Unit: Marketing
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 15 Sept 2019


Accountable for Marketing Manager to defining and developing the strategies which support Morouj   CSR objectives, come up with CSR initiatives, develop policies, create a high positive corporate social impact plans that’s serve the community as well as sustain the company preserving image in a way that support the company strategy


 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop and portray the framework for CSR strategy to address relevant business and community needs. And also execute the philanthropy strategy in a timely manner as per the set guidelines.
  • Develop and manage CSR programs and projects in order to achieve the overall strategic goal of the CSR and as well gaining marketing advantage. 
  • Manage and promote CSR awareness raising campaigns to all employees of different levels. 
  • Plan and implement the company’s values strategy by addressing issues of improving the quality of life of the workforce, employees, their families, and local community to reach CSR overarching goal. 
  • Build CSR Network at the division level by coordinating and coaching of CSR coordination teams (Champions) in all the business units in order to facilitate the implementation of CSR projects.   
  • Manage all CSR communication plans, documentations, reports and facilitates communications with respect to all CSR activities to meet the needs of the regional and international reporting commitments (Sustainability reports, GRI, UNGC, etc). 
  • Establish and develop partnerships and relations with local and international NGOs, UN agencies and donors to support implementing the CSI programs and plans.
  • Organize and host CSR forums as targeted in the annually CSR business plan, and contribute effectively to support other related forums so that all forums lead to build a positive image of a good corporate citizen
  • Responsible for raising awareness of the company’s commitment to CSR and generating publicity around your organisation’s altruistic endeavours.
  • Oversee distribution, collection and process of Applications for Social Fund
  • To manage and support communication and public relations activities to promote Morouj values and   to enhance the company’s public image and give the company a competitive edge.
  • To be fully accountable for the quality, accuracy timeliness and effectiveness of reports, and KPI’s.
  • Supervise and coach the team members and set their yearly target and conduct the performance review on regular basis. 
  • To contribute to the effective management, motivation and development of Personnel   team resources by liaising closely with key line management personnel and other relevant parties within the MOROUJ Company, to ensure problems/issues are identified and resolved or appropriately
  • Responsible for the security, Confidentiality & Integrity, of all information assets within his/her responsibilities in accordance with the company’s Information Security Policies


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business Administration or any relevant discipline
  • CSR relevant certificate is an addition.
  • Minimum five years’ experience in CSR or any relevant field 
  • Able to manage relationships and expectations of multiple stakeholders
  • Experience in organizing and leading volunteer events is essential
  • Experience in launching global volunteer programs is a huge plus
  • Knowledge of how to direct in a corporate setting and the personal drive to mobilize people around a higher purpose is important
  • Experience in developing business processes, SLA’s, KPI’s and business rules


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