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Sales Supervisor (Alobaid and Port Sudan)
Morouj Commodities LTD
 Section/Unit: wholesale
 Duty Station: Alobaid and Port Sudan
 Closing Date: 19 March 2019


  1/ Assist sales manager in achieving sales and goals.
  2/ Implement and review sales strategies by implementing and motivating sales representatives.
  3/ Manage and motivate sales team to achieve sales target of the company.

 Duties and responsibilities:

1 / Coordination and supervision of the daily activities of sales representatives.

 2 / providing support to the sales team by exempting them from administrative work, negotiate and finalize sales requests with customers

 Recommend and follow up the implementation of the annual sales and budget plan.

 3/ manage the total payments due from customers.

 4/ Acquisition of new customers in the region.

5/ visiting customers weekly.

 6/ Evaluation of the performance of senior customers.

 7/ Negotiate with customers for sales contracts and recommend for approval.

8. Establishing priorities (daily work plan).

* Confirm purchase orders for customers with arranged delivery dates.

Organize and distribute the Rotational Schedules plan.

 * To deal with clients and report issues, complaints and issues to the Sales Manager.

 * Assist the Sales Manager in generating sales opportunities.

9/ Setting goals:

The main goal for the sales supervisor is to be able to successfully complete the sale and satisfy customers on the product or service they have acquired by setting clear sales targets for each salesperson separately

10/ Identify appropriate strategies to implement the objectives.

These strategies are developed by studying the market well and identifying the target customers and the best ways to communicate with them to ensure successful completion of the sale.

11/to appoint sales representatives.

Among the tasks of the sales supervisor is the sales representative, and among the specifications on which to choose the appointment is the ability to communicate, tact and appearance.

12 / Training sales representatives:

The sales supervisor trains the sales representative to be able to present and deliver the product to the customers in the appropriate manner, and are also trained to meet and anticipate all customer inquiries, and how to respond to them in a way that satisfies customers.

13 / Encouraging and motivating sales representatives:

Encouraging and motivating employees is very important even if they are able to continue to work enthusiastically, and this task is done by sales supervisor with sales representatives by creating an environment of enthusiasm among the employees and encouraging them with moral and material rewards.

14 / issuing orders:

It is the responsibility of sales supervisor to issue orders to sales representatives about any product they sell or about any problem here the bright sales should be knowledgeable about all aspects of the problem so that he is able to give the appropriate order to solve the problem.

15 / Planning:

Good planning is the basis of success of the work and the tasks of the sales supervisor is to develop a plan of action and implementation in a manner appropriate to achieve the goal and study marketing methods and the best and apply the best within the company.

16 / Follow-up workers and coordination and organization among them:

The sales supervisor is responsible for organizing the work and determining the roles among the employees, which improves the performance of the employees. The sales supervisor arranges the customer schedule and determines the customer visits to the sales representatives to display the products on them.



17 / Monitoring objectives and follow-up implementation:

The sales supervisor follows up the plan of implementation of the objectives, and whether the plan is in the right way so that he cannot take any steps in implementing the plan and achieve the goals.

18/ Coordination between sales representatives and the distribution of sales areas:

One of the sensitive tasks of a sales supervisor is to distribute the sales areas to the salesperson because each salesperson has his or her personal attributes and ability. The sales supervisor must choose the appropriate sales representative for the appropriate sales area until the greatest sales are achieved

19/ Monitor and follow up the market and its movement:

The sales supervisor must be a good follower of the market and his competitors and the movement of new products and follow-up products that come out of the competition, and the sales supervisor must know the strengths and weaknesses of the company to be able to show the strengths and reduce the weaknesses

20/ Analyze competitors and follow them:

The sales supervisor monitors the competing companies, competing products and services, and identifies their strengths or characteristics so that they can add to their product and identify their weaknesses or customer complaints of their products in order to avoid any errors in the product provided by the company.

21 / Termination of sales transactions:

This is the primary and main objective of the sales supervisor's task of completing the sale to the customer.

22 / Follow-up process after sales with customers:

At this stage, the sales supervisor will follow up the product with the customer and know the satisfaction of the customer about the product and what are his observations regarding the product or service provided.

23 / Monitor sales and prepare their own reports:

The sales supervisor must prepare reports for the sales department in the company. The report should include several main items, including:

A) Number of visits to customers, whether an effective visit through which the sale was made or was an ineffective visit where no sales were made to a customer.

B) The amounts collected from the sales department, whether these sales were cash, which was the collection of cash through the customer, or the sales were by check

C) The number of items sold from each product, also helps to know the remaining stock of the product and whether there is a need for the product or not, and also in the case of a new product must be followed whether there is a demand by the customers or not.

(D) Contracts with new customers and traders for the purpose of establishing a database for each client or trader within the company

In the end, the sales supervisor sends these reports to the different departments in the company, that is, by sending all the collection and sales, whether cash or to the department concerned to calculate the value of sales and send reports of stocks and products sold to the coordinators section to deduct sales from stock.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

  1/ Experience of at least 5 years in recognized companies.
  2/ Bachelor degree in business administration or any other field suitable for the job ..
 3/ Working in a team and carrying work pressure.
4/ Good ability to organize and has communication and planning skills.
5/ Good knowledge of computer skills.

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