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Brand Specialist
Morouj Commodities LTD
 Section/Unit: Marketing
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Morouj Khartoum
 Duration: Two year
 Closing Date: 23 Feb 2019


To identify and develop new opportunities for business development, research markets and consumer/customer trends and preferences, coordinate sales plans and strategies, respond to consumers' needs, extend efforts to improve corporate image and CSR, enhance consumer and market loyalty, design/ conduct market promotion strategies to attain and increase market share and profits.

 Duties and responsibilities:

Marketing planning & Execution

  • Assist in the developing & execution of the marketing plan for the brand through the best activities and executions that meet the business needs towards enabling the achievement of market share, volume and profit objectives.


  •  Marketing projects are well developed and are done in quality & timely manner



Budgets and Plans

  • Contribute to the preparation of the Marketing department budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/revenues and areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified
  • Budgets and plans are prepared timely and accurately in line with the annual budget parameters and timescales
  • Financial variance versus budget

Day- to-day operations

  • Supervises the day-to-day operations of Marketing  department to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies, processes and procedures


  • Day-to-day operations are consistent with established policies, processes and procedures

Data collection & Analysis

  • Collect relevant Sales, Market & Consumer data on periodic basis through working closely with research agency on acquiring the required data and carrying on the analysis, trade visits & weekly price monitoring to help the company management decision in pricing and volume split.



  •  Quality Data analysis reports

Brand Communication

  • Work closely with the advertising and media team/ agencies towards the communication of key brand messages ‎through creative advertising campaign execution and implementation that serve the overall brand strategic ‎direction



  •  Brand communication developed to cut through clutter building on Brand platform

Standards & Regulations

  • Ensure that all activities are monitored and regulatory compliance audits and inspections are conducted for an effective implementation of regulatory standards


  • Compliance with regulations and effective implementation of standards

Projects / Initiatives

  • Supervise the implementation of projects to ensure that the project cycle is completed, meeting agreed project parameters (cost budget, timelines, scope and quality), standards and objectives


  • The project cycle is completed in line with plans and agreed project parameters and standards


  • Supervise the preparation of timely and accurate reports of Marketing activities  to meet department requirements, policies and standards


  • All reports are prepared timely and accurately and meet company policies and requirements

Related Assignments

  • Perform other related duties or assignments as directed


  • Line manager’s feedback

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Academic and professional qualifications:

§  Bachelor’s degree in marketing or Business Administration

§  Any other certificates in the field of (Marketing Business Plans, Marketing strategies, new product development, Allocation of budgets, Leading tracking studies & quantitative / qualitative research managing budgets).


1-2  years relevant experience in business / marketing .

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