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Warehouse Manager
Leading Industerial Company
 Section/Unit: Supply Management
 Supervisor: Manager
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 14 March 2018


Planning and organizing everything related to the stores (raw materials, finished product, operating product and storage areas), identifying the required requirements and regulating the entry and exit of the stock according to the approved procedures.

 Duties and responsibilities:


1/Participation and effective attendance at the regular management meetings.
2/Participate in the formulation of the main objectives and plans of the institution.
Responsible for the planning and the executive programs of the stores, which ultimately serve to achieve the main objectives of the institution.
3/Responsible for following up the implementation of plans for warehouse management.
4/Training the personnel working in warehouse management on their work and transferring their experience to them so that they are qualified to replace it in case of vacancy.
5/Responsible for determining the storage limits of varieties and varieties.
Responsible for issuing Purchase Orders for Procurement Management.
6/Participate in the preparation of the procedures for the stores with the representative of the management of the quality system and the director of quality assurance planning.
7/Responsible for warehouse records, follow-up of storage operations and decisions on how to store
Suggest improvement, remedial and preventive measures that will improve the performance of the work under his administration
8/Issuing appropriate decisions within the limits of his powers, which may be the reason for improving the warehouse performance
9/Proposing the appropriate budget for the management of warehouses within the limits of the organization's capabilities based on studies.
10/Issuing appropriate decisions on how to store in accordance with the nature of stocks
11/Conduct a periodic inventory of the stores every three months and submit copies thereof to the managing director, the executive director, and the representative of the management of the quality system.
12/Submit a weekly report to the Managing Director to indicate what has been achieved and what has been postponed with a reason
All of the above should be done in accordance with the formal procedure adopted for warehouse management
13/The warehouse manager is responsible for keeping all records of the quality models of the warehouse operation and all its works are subject to internal review.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

University certificate in the field or related fields.
Experience in warehouse management work for at least 10 years, including at least two years in a similar job position.

Discipline in time
Concentration and logical thinking
Quiet and nonactive
The tact in the talk and the face screen
Good listening and understanding and understanding of positions with a focus and focus
Ability to face critical situations wisely
Take responsibility and face the consequences of decisions firmly
The strength of personality and composure and firmness
The age at the appointment of the warehouse manager should be at least 30 years and not more than 45 years.



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