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Accounting Officer
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 Vacancy No: HIBA-03141
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 15 Sept 2018



Age:  23-30 Years old

(0-3) Years of Experience in Financial & Accounting Field

 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Reviewing and analyzing different inventory reports in order to establish the preliminary consolidated inventory costing report
  • Determining inventory carrying costs for the stored materials and products based on the average inventory value of each item
  • Identifying slow moving materials and products according to the predetermined inventory turnover and expiry date of each item and submitting them to the direct supervisor
  • Reviewing and amending monthly financial reports, financial statement and balance sheets of which includes: inventory analysis reports, variance reports, gross margin reports …etc
  • Resolving and troubleshooting any arising issues related to inventory costing and analysis
  • Assisting in the preparation of the year-end inventory revaluation and verifying accurate inventory carrying costs
  • Developing and maintaining a financial data bases for all financial statements, inventory costing records and documents
  • Following up and coordinating with internal and external auditors in period end audit by providing documents and materials as required
  • Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct supervisor.


 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:


• BSc. Commerce / business management / Accounts Graduate from a reputed University.


  1. Functional Competencies
  1. Audit

Possesses knowledge of various auditing tools and techniques as identified for being used by own function

  1. Computer Skills

Performs moderately difficult tasks using job related applications, Office applications, and other relevant programs, as well as uses the functions of the internet effectively

  1. Cost Estimation & Analysis

Collects, organizes, interprets and understands the information required for estimating and costing projects, and uses mathematical ideas and techniques to correctly calculate and analyze associated costs

  1. English Language

Able to read and write fluently and accurately in all styles and forms of the language on any subject as well as those pertinent to professional needs

  1. Knowledge in Financial Accounting

Guides financial accounting activities within the organization, identifies bottlenecks and areas for improvement with respect to efficiency and accuracy of the existing financial systems and processes

  1. Management Accounting

Possesses in-depth knowledge of various management accounting applications and techniques as identified for own function and ensures adequate and effective internal control and automated accounting processes.


  1. Behavioral Competencies

1) Communication

Communicates effectively with all organizational levels; in writing and orally, and detects and discerns underlying meanings

2) Concern for Quality

Consistently practices constructive critical thinking as opposed to following procedures blindly, in attempt to enhance and improve work

3) Cost Consciousness

Normally works within approved budget, and continuously seeks to avoid deviations

4) Flexibility & Adaptability

Appropriately balances between bureaucracy and applying procedures flexibly depending on the situation to accomplish tasks more effectively and facilitate for capturing special opportunities

5) Follow-up & Coordination

Identifies critical and less critical activities, effectively interacts with a small group with clearly predefined roles to complete work

6) Initiative

Makes suggestions; offering potential solutions when identifying a problem, independently seeks new opportunities and learns new skills.

7) Learning

Continuously seeks to develop themselves and broaden knowledge and skills.

8) Work Ethics & Values

Demonstrates organizational ethics and values, aligns own behavior and actions with them.


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