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IWRM Coordinator
United Nations Environment Programme UNEP

 Section/Unit: UN Environment Porgramme
 Grade Level: LICA contract managed by UNOPS on behalf of UN Environment
 Supervisor: Overall supervision of the Chief of the Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch/Policy&Programme Division/UN Environment,and the guidance of the Country Programme Manager.The consultant shall report directly to the ADAPT project manger.
 No. of Post: 1
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Duration: 6 months
 Closing Date: 26 June 2018


UN Environment, with the funding support from UKaid/DFID, has been implementing the “Adapt for Environment and Climate Resilience in Sudan (ADAPT!)” project in order to achieve increased understanding and integration of climate resilience, environmental management and governance in programmme delivery, plans and policy in Sudan. This 4-year project has been operational at federal and state levels and is principally managed from the UN Environment Khartoum office. The project has three main outcomes:

1. Catalytic: Environmental management, governance and climate resilience best practices integrated into humanitarian and development programme delivery. UN Agencies, partners and government counterparts will benefit from screening of programmes for environmental impact, technical assistance for implementation, best practice review, staff training and institutional development;

2.Enabling: Improved data and analysis available for use by practitioners and policy makers. Relevant, reliable, consistent and accessible data will be provided to financial institutions, implementing organisations and policy makers. A strategic environmental assessment of Sudan will be conducted providing information for a national environmental data base, allowing for enhanced environmental analysis; and

3. Transformative: Improved policy environment for climate change adaptation, environmental management and governance. Expert support will be provided to Government and Partners to integrate climate change consideration in policy and to develop proposals to leverage climate change funding.

The ADAPT! project, with its inception period in 2015-16, has completed the first year of implementation in 2017 and provided technical assistance and organized capacity building events for partner agencies on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), documented IWRM Good Practices, and is helping the government at federal and state level in establishing appropriate institutions to promote an IWRM approach in management of scarce non-Nilotic water resources.

ADAPT! is an influencing project, aiming to influence Governments’ Policies and Programme as well as decision makers and partners’ programmes. IWRM is one of the key thematic areas of the project having a vast scope and demand to influence a range of stakeholders and promote effective management of Water Resources. In this context, the UN Environment Sudan Country Programme will require additional capacities that are unavailable within the current structure to provide strategic direction to the IWRM thematic intervention under ADAPT!, and to champion the task of influencing key IWRM stakeholders in Sudan. To meet this capacity need, the Country Programme seeks to engage an IWRM Coordinator. The envisaged modality will be a consultancy for a period of 6 months from 1st July to 31st December 2018.

The projected tasks comprise of providing leadership to the ADAPT! IWRM team to work with key stakeholders such as UN agencies (namely, inter alia UNICEF, WFP, FAO, IFAD, WB) government bodies, i.e. the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development (MENRPD), Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity (MWRIE), Ground Water and Wadis Directorate (GWWD), including State Governments - mainly Kassala, North Kordofan and South Darfur states, non-governmental organizations; donors and academia such as DFID, EU, JICA, University of Khartoum as well as private sector actors and others to promote institutionalization of IWRM approaches in their policies and practices in Sudan, focusing mainly on non-Nile water resources. The IWRM Coordinator’s terms of reference will be as follows:


 Duties and responsibilities:

Ultimate result of services:

The ADAPT! IWRM thematic programme is delivered in a timely manner and at high quality in collaboration with project partners and other thematic teams under ADAPT! which are Natural Resource Management (NRM), Climate Change, Environmental mainstreaming, State of the Environment and Outlook Report and data management, as well as with the cross cutting themes of Gender and Communications.

Some of the key expected results under ADAPT! includes the following:

-         Greater awareness of the need for IWRM built

-         Cross sectoral coordination for IWRM policy, planning and practice built

-         Replicable approaches for IWRM supported, validated and disseminated

-         Revision of water related policies and development of water resource masterplan supported

-         Water Resources Institutional strengthening/reform.


Objectives, output expectations and performance indicators

The IWRM Coordinator will be responsible for providing strategic direction to the IWRM program component of the ADAPT! project, influence key stakeholders in institutionalizing IWRM in their policies and practices and assist the Project Manager in meeting the project’s performance and delivery goals.



-       Strategic Leadership - Strategic direction provided to the IWRM thematic interventions under the ADAPT! project; strategic priorities for the annual work plan developed according to the Project log frame. Implementation ensured, necessary technical advice provided across the project thematic areas where necessary.

-       Team lead role - Day-to-day progress of the IWRM theme monitored and IWRM theme contribution to meeting annual objectives delivered, including preparation of thematic reporting to deadlines, quarterly reporting and annual reporting. Where necessary, recommendations and adjustments made to ensure project objectives and results are achieved. High UN standards are maintained in the delivery of all products and administration procedures coming from the IWRM theme.

-       Represent ADAPT! in influencing the IWRM agenda - Influence of ADAPT! with key stakeholders leveraged and IWRM theme priorities addressed with the government, donors, UN partners, NGOs etc.


Expected outputs/deliverables of this consultancy include:

-        Effective leadership provided to the ADAPT! IWRM team;

-        Implementation of the water component under ADAPT! supervised;

-        Strategic partnerships under ADAPT! at federal and state level developed and successfully managed;

-        The ADAPT! IWRM work plan is monitored on a weekly basis and the project commitments are effectively applied. This includes, but not limited to; i) IWRM best practices documented, published with high quality in adherence to the UN standard and widely disseminated among the partners, their adoption into project designs facilitated, and institutional capacity developed; ii) Environmental data collected and disseminated; iii) Water Resources Policy and Institutional change promoted and IWRM adopted. Project management tools and project results and other benchmarks are monitored and timely reported;

-       Implementation of the recommendations from the National IWRM Conference organized in November 2017 is followed together with other partners;

-       Oversight of baseline review of policies, strategies and legal frameworks, assessment of water related institutions’ mandates and capacities provided;

-       Oversight of mainstreaming of IWRM in the WASH policy provided;

-       Existing Water Resources Council in Kassala strengthened. Similar councils established in North Kordofan and South Darfur;

-       Development of the State Level Water Resources Policy supported through Water Resources Councils in Kassala, North Kordofan and South Darfur States     overseen;

-       Catchment Water Balance Assessments organized in Gash, Bara and Nyala basins in Kassala, North Kordofan and South Darfur states respectively and data made available;

-       MWRIE enabled to host the National Water Information Services through Ground Water and Wadis Directorate (GWWD);

-       MWRIE through GWWD supported in developing Water Licensing Framework for Sudan;

-       Timely and quality reporting;

-       Finance and administration quality assured;

-       The ADAPT! Project Manager is supported in oversight and management of the project by alerts and regular reports on project implementation.

-       Portfolio development supported through input in project documents for pipeline projects.


Specific tasks and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of this position are as follows:

-          Coordinate the implementation of the IWRM component of the 2018 work plan under ADAPT!;

-          Develop and maintain strategic partnerships both at federal and state level in support of the implementation of the ADAPT! IWRM interventions;

-        Ensure the completion, translation into Arabic and publication of the IWRM best practices document in adherence to the UN standard and the wide dissemination among project     partners;

-          Ensure M&E information for the ADAPT! IWRM component is collected and reported;

-          Quarterly reporting on the progress of the water programme under ADAPT!;

-          Follow and document the status of the implementation of the recommendations from the National IWRM Conference organized in November 2017 together with other partners, and preparations made to organize the next National IWRM Conference;

-          Oversee a baseline review of policies, strategies and legal frameworks, and an assessment of water related institutions’ mandates and capacities to be carried out by the ADAPT! IWRM team;

-          Oversee the mainstreaming of IWRM in the WASH policy to be carried by the ADAPT! IWRM team;

-          Ensure functioning of the Water Resources Council in Kassala as per the agreed ToR, establish similar institutions in North Kordofan and South Darfur, and facilitate the development of Water Resources Policies in the states;

-          Organise Catchment Water Balance Assessments in the Gash, Bara and Nyala basins in Kassala, North Kordofan and South Darfur states respectively by employing a competent service provider; ensure the availability of quality data to make appropriate technical decisions;

-          Help the MWRIE to establish and host the National Water Information Services through the Ground Water and Wadis Directorate (GWWD);

-          Support the MWRIE through GWWD in developing a Water Licensing Framework for Sudan;

-          Identify fields of collaboration within IWRM, elaborate and develop an implementation plan for joint activities with other organizations;

-          Act as the technical secretary of the IWRM Coordination Group, provide guidance and ensure effective functioning of it;

-          Maintain good working relations with project partners (Donor agencies, UN Agencies, Government of Sudan, NGOs, Academia and Private Sector);

-          Conduct any other activities as requested by the ADAPT! Project Manager and the Country Programme Manager.



 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Education and Experience

-   Advanced University Degree (minimum Masters), preferably in Water Resources Management, Environmental Sciences, International Relations, Development Studies, Business Administration, Public Administration, Social Sciences or related field;

-    Minimum of 7 years’ experience in team leadership / project management roles including experience in programme development & management, advocacy, negotiations and communications;

-     Extensive experience in water resources management, rural development and environmental governance;

-     Substantial field experience and demonstrated ability to deliver programmes in conflict and post-conflict countries;

-     Demonstrated experience in implementing a large-scale NRM project with a significant component of advocacy and policy influencing, particularly in the Sahelian  context;

-     Proven experience in managing budgets of large and diverse multi-discipline project portfolios.



-       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, notably working with multi-stakeholders and senior government officials;

-       Leadership skill towards the group;

-       Strongly Results Based Management oriented;

-       Analytical thinking, planning, organization and problem-solving abilities;

-       Strong reporting skills;

-       An understanding of humanitarian and development contexts;

-       Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues from varied cultures and professional backgrounds;

-       Ability to work in hardship conditions (travel to other areas of Sudan possible);

-       Ability to work under tight time constraints and stressful conditions;

-       Personal commitment, flexibility and drive for results;

-       Good facilitation skills;

-       Computer use and editing software literacy.



-       Excellent oral and written communication skills in both Arabic and English. 


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