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Vacancy Announcement No: HIBA-02510

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Job Title: Procurement Supervisor Male & Female
Duty Station: Khartoum
Closing Date: 10 July 2017


Age: up to 35 years Old 

  Duties and responsibilities:

§  Responsible for direction and supervision of the entire procurement operation utilizing staff procurement.

§  Determines whether specific procurement procedures / action /documents to be taken as approved.

§  Review market /vender database regularly and provides guidance to subordinates for maintaining and gathering various information from available resources.

§  Carries on a close continuing relationship with vendors /suppliers and contractors to remain current and keep abreast of market conditions, pricing and availability.

§  Review funding documents and purchase orders with identifications of appropriate funding source.

§  Reviews incoming and outgoing cables pertaining to procurement related policies, regulations guidelines to meet standards and provide clarifications and instructions to subordinates.

§  Recommend expenditures to the company for specific projects with annual budget forecasts in mind.

§  Prepare budget plan on yearly basis and monitors the budget implementation.

§  Plans required contracting activities on year ahead.

§  Monitors all outstanding purchase orders requisitions to ensure fulfillment or cancellation without loss of fund.

§  Occasionally other duties will be requested as per business requirements

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

§  B.Sc. or Equivalent.

§  At least 5-7 years in similar role

§  At least 1 year of supervisory experience required.

§  Good communication Skills.

§  Good decision making.

§  Ability to plan.

§  Possess considerable knowledge of the local market practices and reliability of local suppliers as well as local pricing customs and practices.

§  Analytical ability.

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