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Job Title: Technical Assistant
Supervisor: National Health Insurance Fund- Sudan
Duty Station: Khartoum State, Red Sea State, Kassala State
Duration: 15 working days
Closing Date: 26 June 2017

Looking for a qualified person to fill the following position: National technical assistant to support implementation of the CBHI scheme


The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a public health insurance agency that operates throughout the country.  At the national level, NHIF is engaged in the development of policies, procedures and manuals that are going to be implemented at state and local levels.  State and local level NHIF offices are engaged in implementation activities such as registration of members, collection of premiums, running of their own health facilities, purchasing services from indirect facilities, reviewing claims & reimbursing indirect health facilities.
The Global Fund is financing the Federal Ministry of Health - Sudan as a lead implementer of the Health System Strengthening (HSS) grant under the new funding model. The Sudan HSS project contributes to the improvement of community health status and welfare, through expanded coverage and utilization of quality primary health services, in the targeted states.
The grant includes a health financing component that is to be performed by NHIF in which it includes a national consultant to review the strategic plan including criteria for establishment of CBHI scheme to extend health insurance in a sustainable way for informal sector. The national (senior) consultant will be assisted by a national technical assistant (junior national consultant).  

The CBHI project will be implemented in two Eastern States, Kassala and Red Sea. The scheme aims to increase the accessibility to; and improve the utilization of health services, particularly in rural areas. Thus, the expected results after the implementation of the CBHI scheme in the long run are, access to health services increased and their quality improved; health services integration and management strengthening in order to improve delivery of care; strategies to extend health insurance coverage to marginalized and neglected population groups; and sustainable accessibility to affordable health services.


The preparatory phases of the CBHI scheme have been done and a comprehensive protocol for implementationhas been developed. The main implementing requirements include training of employees who are going to conduct the scheme, and to set up the information system and small administrative units at each state. The NHIF, at all levels, will work closely to accomplish the health insurance component of the project.
In order to proceed with the project and its implementation, there is crucial need for technical contribution by consultants, to review the CBHI protocol and implementation plan.


  • To review and provide advice on the CBHI protocol and implementation plan.
  • To develop and customize the CBHI protocol according to NHIF basic benefit package.


  • Reviewing the available documents and other efforts that had been done before including the CBHI protocol and implementation plan.
  • Conduct stakeholders meetings at national and state level.
  • Review the information system and administrative formats of the CBHI.
  • Recalculate the premium.
  • Conduct a consensus Workshop with participants from national and state level and stakeholders to agree on strategic implementation plan, community selection criteria and selection of pilot communities for implementation.
  • Conduct training of the targeted scheme workers.
  • Submit Quarterly review report.
  • Other tasks assigned by the senior national consultant within the limits and responsibilities of the supportive role of the junior national consultant.  

Specific Requirements

  • Qualifications : Master Degree Health Economics &/or Public Health.
  • Experience: minimum of 3 years.
  • Competent skills in Report writing.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English (reading and writing).


Application Requirements

1.    Curriculum Vitae.
2.    National ID number or any other official document (e.g.  passport).
3.    Certificates (a copy of university and postgraduate certificates).

Submission Procedures

Applicants can send their applications to:

Email:   consultant@nhif.gov.sd

Office Address:  

Ministry of Social Security and Development                                             
National Health Insurance Fund Head Quarters                                               
General Directorate of Planning                                               
International Cooperation Directorate                                                 
3 Square 10 Baladia Street   
Fax: +249 183 74 7619                                           
Tel:  +249 183 74 7618

Note: email applicants please indicate the title of the post you are applying for by writing in the subject area: CBHI–Junior National Consultant, 2017