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Workshop Supervisor
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 Vacancy No: HIBA-02399
 Duty Station: Khartoum
 Closing Date: 15 Sept 2018


Fleet & Trucking Outsource Project   

·         Responsible for the Workshop supervision of all Organization Assets in the Area Office and co-ordinate these activities in accordance to the Procedures, Normative Guidelines and Business Rules as set by Org.

 Duties and responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of immediate supervisor and in co-ordination with all Fleet staff, the incumbent shall perform the following duties:


1.       Supervise scheduled maintenance & repair, overhaul, reconditioning, modifications, in a most efficient manner with the objective to ensure that all vehicles are maintained to a high standard and roadworthy condition.

2.       Oversee the materials management aspect of the operation and in particular the controlling, justification and issuance of spare parts, tyres, lubricants & consumable materials.

3.       Assist in the forecasting and requisitioning of spare parts: preparation of orders for spare parts/tires and materials required for the operation and submit these requests for the approval of the Workshop Manager.

4.       Carefully record and maintain an inventory list of all tools & workshop equipment.

5.       Provide oversight and supervision to all staff and ensure that the work is carried out to a satisfactory standard as required by the Organisation; including time-keeping and completion of timesheets.

6.       Involved in the control and cost effectiveness of the vehicles and prepare recommendations for write-offs, where necessary.

7.       Investigate means to constantly reduce the operational costs of the Fleet pertaining to maintenance activities.

8.       Use VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance & Reporting Standards), reason-for-repair, work-done-codes and component codes, analyse data to improve maintenance and recommend modifications to solve technical problems.

9.       Responsible for the supervision of tyres management which include maintenance practices, controlling mechanisms and performance monitoring.

10.    Ensure that proper workshop administration, record keeping & vehicle history records are well maintained via the Fleet Management System (FMS).

11.    Ensure that timely accurate data is entered into the FMS for the repairs, tyres & stock control modules.

12.    Assist and ensure that all reports and information as required by the Organisation are produced promptly on a timely basis via FMS. Additionally, analyze information and quality of report prior to distribution.

13.    Responsible for the supervision of oil & lubricants ensure that the quality/quantities of the supply of lubricants are in accordance to standards set.

14.    Implement best practices established and ensure that KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are maintained with parameters set.

15.    Ensure that minimum health and safety requirements are met in full, together with considerations for environmental needs.

16.    Responsible to ensure that all staff (persons reporting) carry out their duties in accordance to their Job Descriptions set.

17.    Continuously collect and collate valuable data or information relating to improvements required for standardisation and development purposes for Fleet management and communicate this information to other staff in Fleet.

18.    Share experiences gained with other staff members and strive towards creating good team building and harmonious atmosphere.

19.    Loss or damage of Cargo, Spares, Tools or Equipment as well as Loss of Fuel in the care of the employee shall be deducted from the salary based on CIF value or Local Market Rate, whichever is prevailing. This can also lead to penalties or dismissal to the Personnel and penalties on the Service Provider or Contractor.

20.    Travel occasionally, as required by the Organisation.

21.    Will perform any other duties as requested by immediate supervisor. 

 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and English as main subjects.


·         Completed a full course at a technical college in Auto Mechanics with experience gained in both light and heavy Vehicles.


·         Held the position of Workshop Supervisor or similar job in a company/NGO with at least 3 years experience gained in the relevant field.


·         Good working knowledge of the complete Microsoft Office suite.

·         Experience gained using a computerized Fleet Management System.


·         Speak, read and write English and Arabic proficiently.



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