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Vacancy Announcement No: HIBA-02255

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Job Title: Accounts Payable Supervisor
Duty Station: Khartoum
Closing Date: 12 Jan 2017


Objective of Job:   


  • Manage cash & bank accounts of Company.
  • Manage Payments to staff, Government and local & international suppliers.
  • Assist the Tax & Treasury in producing monthly cash flow forecast.
  • Manage the company overdraft accounts and related charges.
  • Verify Inter-company cross charges and arrange for payments / collections.


  Duties and responsibilities:


1) Business Results: -

-       Manage the company bank accounts & reconcile related charges.

-       Manage the company’s bank accounts and ensure transaction & reconciliations are undertaken regularly &accurately.

-       Manage payments and collections in a way to minimize interests.

-       Manage E-banking activities with our core banks; to facilitate daily work.

-       Calculate and arrange payments of customs and taxation to the authorities.

-       Assist in monitoring joint venture transaction and provide all supporting documents,

-       Manage the Bank Clearing with finance shared service centre.

-       Prepare & Handle all required Letter of Guarantees for Exports and imports.

-       Review & approve all payments done by Company to the suppliers.

-       Manage creditors Account.

-       Assist in preparing the company cash follow and update it with actual monthly Expenses.


2) Leadership Results: -

-       Supports all functions through meeting the timely requirements in terms of payments staff expenses and payments to third parties.


3) Management Results: -

-       Assist in the preparation of the company plan Participate in producing the BAT Delegated Authority Limits

-       Coordinate with company bankers to obtain & improve services, also to reduce charges.


4) Relationship Results: -

-          Build robust relationship with the team to transfer the knowledge to enhance and improve internal control 

-          Manage the relationship with banking partners across the area to optimise funding costs without generating undue exposures

5) Innovation Results: -

-          Introducing and implementing new reports.

-          Introducing new ideas for better & smarter spending.

-          Introducing new ideas through bankers to reduce interests and bank charges.

-          Introducing new tools to better forecast our cash flow.

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

·         Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Finance / Accounting, with 1 to 3 years of experience.

·         Ability to build complete sets of financial analysis and accounting modules.

·         Strong understanding of accounting concepts

·         Strong Interpersonal & communication skills, to operate confidently with other departments in the company, as well as suppliers from outside the company.

·         The ability to work closely with people, to accept feedback and work on the feedback

·         Ability to work to strict deadlines.

·         Experience of corporate planning process.

·         The ability to respond to the demands from a dynamic business environment within the framework of rapidly changing legislation in end market jurisdictions.

           The ability to make balanced decisions, often under pressure, which are right for the best interests of the group.

           The ability to perform and deliver on time.

           Ability to work with superiors, subordinates, peers and external personnel.

·         Ability to mobilize resources across company boundaries in order to achieve results


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