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Vacancy Announcement No: HIBA-02241

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Job Title: Senior Accountant
Duty Station: Khartoum
Closing Date: 12 Jan 2017


Senior Accountant for a Mobile Value Added Services and Solution Provider Company in Sudan

  Duties and responsibilities:

·         Registration of the financial operations of the reality of supporting documents manually or automatically so as to include all of these procedures, according to the sequence of their occurrence and type of historical according to the latest accounting software example

·          The classification of financial transactions in separate accounts tab shows: -

o   The indebtedness of the company and its creditors for its clients.

o   The company's expenses and revenues.

o   The company's assets and liabilities.

·         Extraction results of the company for the financial period in question any determination of the profit and loss.

·         The statement of financial position of the company at a certain date displays in the form of a balance sheet.

·         To provide the company's management with all the necessary information, whether in the form of accounting reports or financial statements, periodic or non-periodic in the form of explanatory notes or statistics in order to supervise the aspects of the company's activity and guide policy.

·         Follow-up Taxes Affairs, with its various sections (value-added tax, income tax).

·         Follow-up banks and bank transactions.

·         Accounting suppliers and agents.

·         Follow-up things, salaries and advances.

·          Control and follow-up fund and issuing checks and bookkeeping.

·         Do and participate in the work of the annual budget of the company in proportion to the development and improvement and raising the general performance of the company orientations.

·         Take responsibility for the accounting requirements of the commitment of the company to include without limitation, timeliness of reporting and requests for information on the financial commitment and accounting policies of the company.


Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

·         Gender: Male

·         A bachelor Degree in Accounting or other Related field

·         5 Years of Experience

·         Fluent in English and Arabic


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